zondag 18 maart 2012

I want to

I decided to write some things down I really want to work on, change or banish completely. I know it something similar to new year resolutions, but a lot has changed since then!

Become a better writer.

It's my dream to get something published, but I know it is very hard and difficult and the chance that I will ever write a best seller, is very slim. While I won't have a lot of time to write fiction the next couple of years (school) I do have to write essays and stuff, and that can help to improve my writing skill as well. Right now I am writing a fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom, in English. It's a great help in practising my English and helping me plot a little, but there is minimal character development. I also read a lot of writer tips and try to apply them!

Lose weight

I seriously have to lose some weight in a cheap way. I've been doing this for a year or two now, so you see how horrible I am at it. I always start to eat when I am bored or watch a film. I should sport more as well. Horse riding and swimming isn’t enough. Maybe I should really consider to go jogging.

See more of the world

I want to travel more. I never travelled a lot and I've never been out of Europe. The farthest I have been, is Spain (I lived there when I was very young). In May I am going to Köln for a gig, but due circumstance we can only stay one night, so we won't have a lot of time to do some sightseeing. I would love to go study abroad for a semester, but it will cost a lot of money. You can get a scholarship for it, but it isn't much. If I could pick any country in Europe to go to, it will the U.K or Finland. U;K fits better for my studies but I always wanted to see Finland. Hard choice. Besides the U.K and Finland, I'd love to see Egypt, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Rome, and Russia.

Be more sociable

I am a very shy and timid person and I do not make friends easily. Especially not since my friend, whom I believed was my soul mate, stabbed me in the back. I am afraid to trust people with important things and I am afraid of what people think of me because I am so insecure. I do have some friends, but I don't do a lot of stuff with them and most of the time. I also hated that, most of the time, I need to take the first step to meet up. I never go out because I do not like it, so I hardly meet knew people and sometimes it is really frustrated. I always feel like the girl people can meet up with when all their other friends don't have time. It sucks. Next year, when I'm going back to school, things are going to be different. I want to enjoy student life fully, and meet new people and get more friends. Long live introduction days.

Be really good at something

I hope that one day I will be very good at something, better than anyone else in my neighbourhood. When I think I am pretty good at something, someone who's better comes by, it is really annoying. I want that someone says: “woow! That's really great” (not my family!) about something I can do. I'm average with animals/horse, I am a basic skilled horse rider, I'm a basic skilled photographer, basic to bad writer, I'm horrible with make-up, I'm not a very good game either. Well the only thing in what I am really good, is being a walking Harry Potter lexicon. I'm good at being inpatient. I hate being average in everything. It's annoying. I don't want to become the worlds greatest whatever, but I think you get what I mean.

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  1. I can recognise myself in quite a few of the things you've written.
    I also want to lose weight, but don't have the determination to do it.
    I'm a very shy person as well and I feel, just like you, that I always have to make the first step in order to meet with my friends. Most of the time I'm just alone at my 'kot', which isn't exactly the most fun I can have.
    And lastly, I know exactly what you mean by 'not being really good at something'. I think it's a feeling that most people have at one point or another and it's completely human, but yes, it sucks. I guess it's the downside of being interested in many things at once. When you really focus on one particular thing, it's normal to excel in it, but when you have a wide range of interests, your attention is always divided. Don't focus on it too much, just do what you like to do. :)

  2. Btw, I nominated you for a blog award :)