woensdag 30 maart 2011

Awesome "oldschool" camera's

I am missing analog photography so much. I still have loads of paper to print on lying around and my analog Nikon is really neglected. Of course I could take photo's with it, develop them myself and bring them to a photolab so they can print them on paper, but that's just not the same. 

So I really want a dark room. I was thinking if there was a possibility to transform (a part) of the cellar into a dark room, but I will need streaming water. 

If I get a dark room in some way, I want a negative scanner as well so I cans how my analog work also digital (but it's not as nice as on paper) and I want a Hasselblad camera!

They look so nice and there are the best camera's to make portraits (because they are middle format). The only downsides are that they are very expensive: second hand they cost at least around 700 euro's and the film just count about 12 photographs! In the beginning it's pretty hard to take pictures with it, because you see everything in mirror image.
You also have Mamiya camera, which have the same format, but Hasselblad just eyes a lot better!
There are also digital version from this camera's (the analog aren't made anymore if I'm not mistaken) but they are so expensive! They really cost a fortune!
I'd rather go for a phase one (replace the warehouse (???? literal translation) with a digital one, connected to a computer) but that's really expansive as well.

Another camera I like a lot is the big format technical camera.

It makes such awesome picture of such good quality! But it's so hard to move around with. The camera it self weights a lot! And because of that, and because it's so big, you have attach it to a tripod and that tripod is pretty heavy itself, because it has to be really firm. A big disadvantage is that cassette, where you put your film in, can only hold two films. So if you want to take more then two pictures, you have to have more cassettes or be able to store you're use film. (you have to load and unload the film in the dark room!)
This camera can be used digital as well with the help of the phase one.

Sally Mann is a photographer who is know to use large format camera's. 

Damn! I really need to win the lottery... I want too much stuff..

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Dancing Bears

I'm shocked.

I just saw a documentary on "Koppen XL" about dancing Bears in the Balkan countries. The owners of those bears really love them, but still they treat them so badly. They give the bears a nose ring and in some cases a hook in their cheeks. They give the the wrong food because they can't afford proper food for the bears...
I almost cried when they said how they dressage the bears... it's a nightmare!

There was someone who said it's part of their culture. Yup, that something to be proud about: animal cruelty is part of your culture...

I really admire the people who try to help those bears, animals in general, to get better living condition and save them from abuse and slavery.
Sometimes I thing that I should join such an organisation, but I can't. I won't be able to hold my temper and I will start to beat and insult the owners, and that's not a good thing.
If I have some savings, and I don't need it right away, or if I win the lottery I will surely give money to an organisation who fights for the animal rights.

Since I don't want any children, I want that my inheritance goes to such an organisation.

Work work!

I don't feel like doing a whole blog about a photographer/pictures like I did yesterday. I'm simply too tired.

I'm tired because I had slept pretty bad and I had to work again. I work as a saleswomen in a butchery and you have to stand all day and if you are not used to that, it's pretty hard (especially when if it's really quiet and you don't have much to do).  But the pay is good and so far the colleagues are really nice and helpful!

We have almost every piece of cow, pork en lamb and we have stuff I really hate to even touch. So dirty, but I shouldn't think too much about it, since I don't need to eat it (lucky!)

So far I worked 10 hours and today 7 hours, and hopefully I will be able to work 10 or maybe even 11 hours tomorrow. I really want to earn money to save up a bit!

maandag 28 maart 2011

Erwin Olaf

I decide to start my little photography part of my blog with one of my favorite photographers: Erwin Olaf. He's from The Netherlands and is really famous. A while ago (well, a long while ago) I saw and exhibition of his work at the photography museum in Antwerp.

All the pictures in this blog are from Erwin Olaf and NOT from me! (If I was only that good xD)

 The above picture is from his series Royal Blood. As you can see, it's pretty literal. I really love how peaceful and normal it seems. But if you look closer, you see that there is a bit of horror in it. I love the symmetry in her clothes and hair. It creates rest, while the blood adds a little chaos. The blood also brings contrast to the picture. Without it, i think it will be just another picture and nothing too special.
One hand is up and her other hand is down, it adds balance and an interesting composition.
About the story of the picture: I see that the person in the picture is of royal blood and is swearing an oath to become queen and sever her land...

This picture is from the clown series and is obvious a close up. This is the picture is, for me, the best one out of the series. The expression is so amazing. His blue eyes are catching mine and it's hard to let go. I love that you see the reflection of the photographer in the eyes. It adds something special. The make up is very nice and important for the picture, since we are talking about clowns.
The first thing I see in the picture is his (at how you look at it) right eye. The vertical black line makes it jump out so much! Then I see his lips and nose and then cheeks.
He has a very seductive look and I love it!

He made this kind of close ups (not with clown make up) from the band members of Within Temptation for the booklet of The Heart of Everything.

If you can ever see his work in real life, please do. It's so much better then from a screen!

zondag 27 maart 2011

An idea

I was thinking to analyse photography work of myself and other photographers.
I want to express my opinions and my vision on the work of others and perhaps share some technical stuff. On my own photographs I will say how I went to work, why I did something and what I would do different now.
I don't know if it's interesting enough for you guys (whoever that reads this blog), but it will give me a nice way to  keep this blog active and and put some of my way too much free time to use.

And now that I'm doing this, I remember that I really need to visit the photography museum in Antwerp more often. Shame on me!
Perhaps I should go to there and review the exhibition.

Well I try to start these series tomorrow...

They say: I am a photographer. I say: NOT!

A lot of people thing that they are a photographer. But, to clear it out a bit, I think I need to define what I mean with "photographer". If I talk about a photographer, I mean someone with a decent camera (reflex that is) who know how to make good pictures and not the homemade stuff (although there can be some pretty pictures between them as well).

It really annoys me that so much people call them self a photographer and not even half of them actually knows how photography started out.
I think it's a shame to call yourself photographer if you can't make analog pictures... "the old fashion style".
I don't say you have to like it;, but as a photographer I think you should have the skills and knowledge about it. The digital era has made photography 100 times easier.

Making analog pictures is so much fun! You have no clue how they are going to turn out, you have the have a certain knowledge to create something good. You can't check fast on your display if it is what you wanted.
Then you have to develop your film. So much can go wrong and then you can start all over again! But you can experiment and hope you get something cool!
But once you know the formula, it's so easy. It's a child play.  It's even more fun if you have some chemical knowledge (I failed that course xD).  After fixing, developing and drying, you can move over to every photographers scared place: the dark room.
 There you can print your own pictures on so much different types of paper... ooh yes. Heaven.
There is nothing more rewarding that a beautiful analog picture where you did every single thing yourself. And analog you can see who the real photographers are because you have no photoshop! You can edit some stuff, but it's really limited.

Congrats, if you did all above, you are, in my eyes a real photographer!

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Photo shoot!!!!!!

I had a lot today with the photo shoot. I had tow nice models: Amber, a very pretty Haflinger pony and Gitta a good friend of mine.
I don't have photoshop at the moment, so edits need to wait a bit.
I tried to make it look casual and I think it worked out well!

I really like this one, although it''s a shame the point of the ear is just cut off. The picture feel very peaceful and relaxed. 

Photographing animals is a very very hard thing to do, especially when they are so big as Amber. The only thing that was on her mind was: grass is food! Need to eat!
Little stubborn golden pony xD 

This is shot in a very small room with only a door to bring in some light. It was very difficult to find a good position to stand so I get a nice angle for the picture and it is even more difficult to keep the picture "clean". I don't like to photoshop a lot, sicne I'm a photographer and not a photoshopper, but I think it will be needed in this case. 

woensdag 23 maart 2011

Carpe diem!

I wonder if someone finds my blog interesting... I don't have many followers, but almost none of my friends follow blogs or stuff xD
But anyway, I started doing this for myself, like some kind of diary but not too intimate. 

The last few day went by in some kind of rush. The sun is giving me so much energy and I'm in such a good mood! I feel like the sun is up there for me... (I am not egoistic ^^) I wish this kind of weather will last forever, and perhaps a few hotter days so I'll be able to swim outside....

Lately I'm fast annoyed when someone says: I'm too fat. 80% of the people who say that, are just fine! This week someone told me that she has been almost had too much weight for her length and I was like: WTF?!
She said she could max weight like 70kg or so and she calls that fat... jesus christ!

I decided to give up the fight against the damn kilo's. I weight too much, I know, but it's not too unhealthy. It's been months since I've weighted (?) myself for the last time and I don't care. Knowing how much I actually weight, won't make me happy. So why do I want to know?
Sometimes I'm a little down if I get confronted with my weight  (like clothes that won't fit, tummy that is waaaay to visible), but it never last long. I hate being on a diet: you can't eat what you want, and you have to be strong to resist all those nummy dishes and candy. A waste of energy (for me)! I rather be a bit fatter and eat what I want when I want it then being skinny and not being able to eat what you want.
I try to make everyday as good as possible and enjoy from life as much as I can (I forget this way to often) since I could fall of my horse tomorrow and break my neck or something... 

Carpe Diem!

zaterdag 19 maart 2011


It was again, a very nice day today! The past three or four days were a bit grey and even rainy, but today spring was back in it's full glory!
I really love winter, but spring is awesome as well. Leaves turning green again, flowers are popping up and the days are getting longer. 

Of course I spend the day outside (it will be insane to stay inside on a day like this unless you have to) and I went to ride Amber. She didn't had much movement this week (apart from walking around in her meadow) and that was probably why she was very (maybe a little bit too) eager to work.
When I let her jump in to gallop for the second time, she just ran off. She left the meadow part were I was exercising here, and she ran of into the other meadow. I tried to force her to gallop a circle, but just in time I saw there lay a lot of wood and wire in a corner so I managed to steer her away from it, into the next meadow (and that all in a pretty fast gallop), but I lost my balance and I fell off her. If I had fell a few seconds later, I would have hit pole. I was lucky I was wearing a helmet, because of that I have a minor wound at my nose (don't ask how) and I suffer of a mild headache. 

Without my helmet I would surly have a concussion!
What a day, what a day :)

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Random rant

Time for some random ranting. I've been delaying some stuff I wanted to do like forever..

I really need to start writing again. I've been delaying it for a while now because I had "better" stuff to do. I really enjoy writing and I like to get better at it, but then I need to read and practice a lot. I'm not the world worst writer but I am far from the best. I hope I can publish one book in my life, I don't care if it's fiction or non-fiction.

Finally I have a photography project that is actually going to happen! Well project... it was kind of impulsive! I want to make picture of a human and an animal and I've chosen a horse (actually a pony) and a model! I have a good feeling about it! I've never worked with horses and my camera at the same time, but I can work with them separately.. so combining them shouldn't be a major problem. I just a matter of patience.
I have a good model who can master some nice expressions and is always up for a challenge.
I really should put in some more effort to make a portfolio. It's not that I want to become a well known photograph, I just want to do it for myself.

A goal I want to accomplish is to get better with horses. It would be great if I could understand them better and get a tighter bond with them. I also want to ride an Endurance competition once. The shortest one is 25 km and it needs to be ridden at an average speed of 11 km/h, so that's is, with a trained horse, do able. This is my goal, for now, I want to achieve with horse back riding!

zondag 13 maart 2011

Everyone prays the same way

Everytime I listen to the Kinslayer by Nightwish (from the album Wishmaster) I start thinking about the fact that we are so stupid.
The song is written as a tribute to the to the victims of Columbine High (for those who, shame on you, aren't familiar with it, it's the first school were a student stepped in with a gun and murdered other students) and it protests against violence.
I love how they picked the title: Kinslayer. The title is hard, but just. It's better then "murderer" or "killer" but it's says more or less the same. But it's so much more powerful!

The sentence that's stuck in my head since the first time I heard the song, and it will probably be stuck there for ever is:

"In this world of a million religions everyone prays the same"

It's that very line that tells us that humanity (like we didn't know already) is very stupid. Every religion may have a different rituals that go before or after the actually praying, but we all pray the same way.
This song is so full of words, lines and metaphors that show us how stupid the people of this world are. Especially the one with power. 
I'm going to quote one more piece, and for the rest of the lyrics, you just need to listen to Tarja's amazing voice.

"For whom the gun tolls, for whom the prey weeps. Bow before a war. Call it religion."

donderdag 10 maart 2011

Sweet Amber

A few days ago I blogged about the fact that I might get a pony to ride and groom, but that it wouldn't be mine. Guess what? I have her!
She is a real sweetie but very strong and a bit stubborn.
I've worked with her for three days now and we are bounding a bit slowly. She behaves a lot better under the saddle then she did the first day. 

Damn, I'm so happy! It's been along time since I've been so happy. 

vrijdag 4 maart 2011

I miss you so much...

Junior I still miss you so much. You were my first horse and my first lover. We had so much fun together. You stubborn thing, thinking that you're were wild stallion.
I miss you every day and sometimes I wonder where you are and how you are doing or if you are still alive.
I'm too afraid to search for you, to afraid because their is a chance that you aren't here anymore...
And if I find you and if I see you, it will break my heart again to say goodbye once again. 
I've been so stupid... I've broke my own heart by selling you, while I promised that we would never part...
i still love you and miss you my sweet, brave shetlandpony. 

donderdag 3 maart 2011

I'm so excited

I might have find myself a horse to ride and groom for 70 euro/month. It's like the horse is a bit of me in someway, but the owner pays all the cots (smith, vet,equipment). The horse is stabled in Berendrecht (northern Antwerp) near one giant forest (well different forests xD Because Stoppelbergen, Ruige heide, Wildernissen, Ravenhof,  Kalmthouste heide) and I'm familiar in that area.
Hopefully I will be able to test out the horse (actually pony) on Sunday or Monday so I can see if we fit together and if I can get along with the owner.
Well to be honest, I'm going to do everything in my power to make this work since I really want this, but I shouldn't get my hopes up to high. Oh damn... too late.

I took this picture form Kapaza and it isn't mine (and I don't know how long it will remain visible)

Isn't it a cutie? It's a Haflingerpony... one of my 5 favorites breed. Damn it can't get much better as this!!

Pleas wish me luck!

woensdag 2 maart 2011

Photography ideas...

I have a lot of ideas in my head for some nice pictures but it's not so easy to set every plan in motion.

1. I want to take picture of Doel. The only problem is that it is almost impossible to get their with the bus and I need good weather for it. Grey weather will suit the best I think...

2. I want to do a shoot for horse riding fashion. Seems real fun! And hard since i need to work with a model (need to find someone who's comfortable around horses. And someone who can ride will be the best choice I think because they have the right attitude on a horse. They know how they have to sit etc...) and i need a pretty horse and a good looking saddle and stuff. So manage equipment are out of question. Guess I have to wait untill I have my own horse and stuff.

3. Beach shoot. I had some plans there but for some reason I can't get them executed.... I really need someone who doesn't mind standing in the icecold water.

4. Alice in Wonderland shoot. I want to make a Alice in Wonderland themed shoot. I don't need to have a girl with long golden blond hair... but the general idea of Alice in Wonderland.

I really need some better equipment, but since I still don't have a job and there is a chance I won't be working until July, it will take a while. The shoot I want to do the most atm is the horse fashion thingy...

ps: Please don't steal my ideas. If I find out that someone stole them/used them, I'm going to be very very pissed!

A day in the kitchen

Today a spent a few hours in the kitchen together with my love. We made brownies, pudding and dinner (pasta).

The brownie stuff.... 

Brownie stuff close up (it tasted a bit like chocolate mouse) 

The baked brownie! (one giant brownie!)

We need 500 ml of milk...

Then we need the magic pudding mixture!

Lover is mixing the milk and the magic pudding mixture!

It was very numnum!