maandag 29 augustus 2011

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom

Or that is what they say. Today I got a confirmation that I know myself at least a bit. I've got my welcome letter into Pottermore (and it's awesome) and well, I had been sorted. I always wanted to be a Gryffindor because I love the common room so much and I adore the lion and the colors, but deep down I know I'm not really brave. I knew that I will probably be a Ravenclaw. Why? Well I simply love to read and to acquire knowledge of various subjects that interest me and believe me, that a lot.

For instance, I always disliked chemistry and physics at school because it is really hard. But earlier I was discussing chemistry and I discovered I really like it and I used to know the Periodic Table of Elements by heart (well, the primary elements), but not anymore. The only two subjects I hated at school were maths and French because I sucked at it! I'm very good at economics and was almost always the top my class.

The only problem I have, is that I tend to be lazy and that I learn a lot better if something is explained. Sometimes I would love to go to school again, but I know I won't be able to put time in my hobby's then and I really don't want to neglect horse riding because it makes me so happy and so relaxed.

Well maybe I should just lend some books about history or something from the library and learn on my own.

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woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Mother Earth isn't kind.

Like most of us know, Mother Earth isn't kind. She has no mercy and the last couple of weeks, with all the "disasters" that are happening, you should realize that. If you ask why, listen to this song and you'll understand. She rules but nonetheless, I love her.

maandag 22 augustus 2011

How can we let go of the once we call friends?

It's hard to let the ones we love go and that the reason, why I think, it's so hard to accept that Harry Potter has come to an end, even though it will never vanish. I loved some characters on the books more then I loved some of my friends or my family and some people don't understand that.

Not one of my friends stood by my side for ten years and I'm so terrible jealous of the friendship Harry, Ron and Hermione had and probably still have. I have a feeling that I'm never going to experience such boundless friendship. I don't want to accuse my friends for not being a Ron, Harry or Hermione. They are fine as they are I don't want my friends to chance whom they are for my sake, that would be so selfish.

There is just one thing I know that I have from the Harry Potter series: I love by fiancee as much as Snape loved Lily. If he ever stops loving me, I don't know what I will do... 'cause my heart has never been broken.

Some people, well a lot of people, don't understand why I and so many other fans, love Harry and his fantastic tale so much. To be honest, I can't say why I love it so much. I grew up with them. I've been at Harry's side for ten years! I've been solving the riddles to open Rowlings door, in the hope of a small bit of information. I had sleepless night because I refused to close my books. And I think that the Potterfans, the real Potterfans, the Potterheads, the diehardfans, are the most loyal community on the planet. Not many people stick around the same interest with such a passion for ten years. Especially not young people. I love Rowling so much and I wish that someday I could meet her and thank her for what she did for me and millions of other fans.

Yes I'm a crazy diehard Potterfan! (and with that I mean the story and not the actors, though I love most of them  as well) and I'm proud of it! I even considered naming my pets after characters. If I ever own a male dog, it will be called Sirius.

And this is how I feel right now:

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

The Pukkelpop nightmare

I wasn't there myself, but I knew some people that were and when I heard the news, I was so concerned. Lucky they are okay.

It's really hard to grasp what has happened in Kiewit yesterday. I think it's even harder for the family and friends of does who lost their lives. How do you tell someone's parents that there kid isn't coming back home after a day of (what supposed to be) fun.

I saw footage of what happened, and o my god, I was so glad that I wasn't there and I felt so sorry for all that were. I'm glad the whole festival has been canceled, due respect for the victims. And I don't think, if it wasn't canceled, it would be as fun. Who wants to party where 24 hours ago people lost their lives?

I also hate the people that are just worrying about their money. Okay, it's not fun to lose money, but there are people who lost a part of their family, so stop complaining.

This is all what I have to say about the tragedy, I wish I could do more then just paying my respects, but for now, I can't.

Rest in Peace, victims of the Pukkelpop 2011 tragedy.

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

I Love film music

I'm a big fan of film music because it can sound so epic, so violent and so peaceful at the same time. It also brings back great memories. I can't stop listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks and I caught myself smiling at some songs and picturing the scenes in my head. But sometimes I get so sad as well. At the moment my favorite soundtrack is the one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 2).

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011


Yesterday I made a few serious picture in Berendrecht because I was way too early for my horse riding lessons. I picked two that I liked. I'm really going to do some more photographing, but for now, not with human models. I just want to capture beautiful or funny things I see. Nothing that is posed.

I was trying to get a nice shot of the two coldblood ladies, but Vera decided that my camera was so interesting that she needed to see it from close by and Amber just didn't care. 

I really like this picture because it captures what kind of village Berendrecht is. There's a lot of green around, but it's so close to Antwerp Harbor. If  you stand on the dike, you can see at the side of Berendrecht a forest and across the waters you see Doel and BASF. I also think this picture captures the weather from yesterday very well: cold and changing. One minutes it was raining badly, the next the sun was shining.

zondag 7 augustus 2011


It's been a while since I've wrote a blog, not because I had no time but because I didn't had much to talk about. Well I'm still doing the usual stuff: gaming, writing my fanfic, reading and horse riding. I'm trying to get a job, but I have trouble finding one. I almost never get answers and I can't call myself since that costs a fortune and I don't have that kind of money. And if I get an answer, then it is a polite: you're not the person we're looking for.

And tomorrow I'm picking up my photography again. I'm not going to work with people yet, but with animals (horses) and environment and there is a chance that I'm going to do some fantasy like shoot with Amber. I just need to make some stuff to let her saddle and bridle look more fantasy like. And yes, I'm an expert in things like that. Not.

Yesterday night I've finished Bones of the Dragon by Weis and Hickman. I liked the book. I really hate the main character. He's a selfish, lying arrogant brat and still I like the story! Now I'm reading The Shattering, prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden. I read the first chapter and well so far, so good. I have high expectations of the book since I loved her: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King so much. It was one of the best books I've read so far.

Beside that, me and my fiance have planned two two major trips: around may/june we hope to go to Ireland and travel around for a week with a covered wagon pulled by a Tinker/Irish cob (my favorite horse breed) and in September/October of 2012 we want to go a midweek to London to do some shopping, museums and, of course, Leavesden Studios (Harry Potter).

I'm still suffering from post Potter depression. Every time I watch something Potter related, I feel a bit down but i'm looking forward to Pottermore! I have an early account so I hope I will get invited to test Pottermore in the next couple of weeks.