maandag 23 mei 2011

Priest + PotC 4

This weekend I've seen two movies in the theater: Priest and Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Priest is an action/Science fiction movie. Normally I don't like the genre, but I really enjoyed this movie.

I can describe Priest with 5 words: The Matrix meets Resident Evil.
You see a lot of matrix like moves and the plot makes me think a lot about Resident Evil. Instead of zombies you get Vampires (who look like zombies).
If you like a movie with a deeper and convincing plot, don't go and see this one. The story begins nice,  but as it evolves it is pretty lame. We saw it all before. Some scenes really reminded me of other movies (not going to say witch onces, since it might spoil a bit).

I can't say I didn't enjoyed it though... it wasn't boring, the effects were pretty nice and the combat scenes were very cool. Of course there had to be romance but it was a bit flat in my opinion.
Overall: a good movie if you just want to see some hack & slash.

I saw the movie in 3D, but it wasn't worth it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Well it's the 4th movie of the saga and well... the story was pretty lame. I liked the atmosphere, the acting, the humor and the decors but the story wasn't that good. But hey, Johnny Depp as "Capitan" Jack Sparrow is already enough to go and see the movie!

I don't think I will rent or buy this movie when it comes on dvd, because I liked the movies with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley a lot better. 

maandag 16 mei 2011

What Loves Means...

I'm almost 4 years (27/07/2007) together with my fiancée and I really have a good feeling about us.

What I've learned in those years is that love is not only about liking each other because who you are but it's also about sharing interest and lucky for us, we share almost every interest!
My fiancée introduced me to serious (no casual puzzle and sim games)  gaming about 4 years ago. He showed me World of Warcarft and I'm still playing it! He gave me my RPG addiction and I kick his ass in most mmo's and rpg's).
I return I'v opened the mysterious world of books to him and we really enjoy reading together!

The biggest thing we share is our love for animals and lately my fiancée stared so get interested in the most noble animal walking this planet: horses.
We even decided to buy our own horses in the near future... damn I'm so happy he fell in love with horses as well!

There are a million other things we both like and of course there are things we don't like both. (He likes camping and I don't for example).

I hope we are mend to be together for the rest of our life.

zondag 15 mei 2011

Currently Reading

Okay I'm really lacking behind with my reading.
I gave myself the challenge to read 40 books this years and I've just read one book in 5 months. That is just terrible!
Why do I always pick the very tick books? (800 pages and more).

Now I am reading the first book of A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones and it is so far a really good book.
It is a fantasy book (of course, I barely read anything else these days) but not the highfantasy I love so much. This book is focused on politics and I really like it. The characters are so well written and they seem to be so real. No idealistic heroes or bad guys. If I think about what happened in the book so far, I really wonder why I wasn't bored since there hasn't happened a lot. You just don't notice it because it is so well written.

The second book I am going to start tonight is a comic book from the World of Warcarft series. It's called Warcraft: Dragons of Outland #1.  Not much to tell about that for now, since I still need to start it.

I've also got 3 new books from my fiancée... he thinks it's cute when I read and he thinks I'm a total nerd... (but he knows he is one 2... we are made for each other)

Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak (from the World of Warcraft Series) and the Harry Potter comic relief (which is really funny!).

So I still have a lot to read, so I better stop blogging and go reading!

PS: I have a goodreads acoount: you can find out what I'm reading over there as well!

vrijdag 13 mei 2011

A Song that You Want to Play at Your Wedding

I love this song... I'd love to waltz on it. Must love irony


My favorite ballad

woensdag 11 mei 2011


Today I went for the first time all alone to the forest with Amber (the pony I ride). It wasn't as fun as I planned it to be. She was really stubborn and kept stopping every few paces. One time we've stood still for about 10 minutes.  She was walking very very slowly. She got me annoyed like hell.

Then when we entered the forest she was so hot. She was really calm until I've galloped one time. After that she wanted to keep galloping and she wanted to do it very fast. I wanted a trot, but she just jumped into gallop and crosses for a few meters and I had so much trouble getting her back into a walk.

After this I decided that I'm going to buy my own horse around august (or perhaps later, need to fin the right horses plus a place to stable it).
It's not that I don't like Amber... she's a very sweet pony, but she wants to go fast, and I don't.
I'm going to "loan" her until my boyfriend and I have found a horse suitable for the both of us and I'm not going to rush that.

Maybe Amber will settle down a bit if we go to the forest more together, then I can postpone a own horse a bit more. I hope it will work out between the two of us, not because it's cheaper, but just because I like her a lot. But it still not the same as having a horse all for myself.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011


I finished the Dragon Age saga yesterday and I must say that it was the best rpg I have played so far.
Dragon Age Origins has a much better questline and a better and more interesting environment, thought the combat and the characters are better in part two of the saga.
Whole Dragon Age II takes place in one city and every now and then you can go to the coast or to the mountain pass. Not much variation. But the main character (your character) has a voice and your companions and other key characters are much more interesting then in Origins. The combat system is awesome! Especially the spells you cast as a mage are so cool!

Though the story line in Origins is way better! It's a bit cliché (gives a sort of Lord of the Rings feeling) but it feels grand and very awesome. You can travel to a lot more locations then in it's sequel, so a lot more variety. In my opinion is the sequel a lot easier and a lot more linear. The game isn't as interesting to replay. In Origins you're background is decided by what class, race and origin you chose, so there are a lot of possibilities. In Dragon Age II you are a human and you can't choose you origin. The only thing that has a small influence is your class, but is doesn't have a huge impact as it had in Origins.

What both games have is an excellent possibility to role play.   Every choice you make can influence the whole game (in a small or in a big scale) and your relations with characters. It's really cool how you can start a romance with one (or more) of your companions!

If there will make another Dragon Age, they should really combine the two games. An awesome questline with impressive and different locations. A cool combat system and very interesting characters. I hope if there comes 3th Dragon Age, it will be more friendly for the replay ability.

Now I have finished this game, I'm going back to playing a MMO for a while, combined with Age of Empires II (damn the nostalgia).

As MMO I picked WoW. I don't think RIFT has enough interesting endgame content to keep me (as casual player) interested. Aion is very difficult and gear dependent for the end game content and well WoW is very casual and I know a lot of people there....