dinsdag 20 september 2011

They really ask money for everything...

When I was waiting for the bus the other day, I was checking a few things on my cellphone and guess what? I discovered that Tom Felton was coming to Belgium, to FACTS! I was really thrilled and I was already planning stuff in my head 'til I read you have to pay to get in ( I can understand that) and that you have to pay to get a picture with Tom and if you want an autograph. I was so stunned by the prices as well. 15 euro's for a photograph with Tom...Does a profession photographer make these photo's in a studio or is it a snap shot? I bet it will be a snap shot. At FACTS they ask between 20 to 45 euro's for an autograph... just so insane!

The worst of all is that it actually sells. Fans queuing (for hours?!) to BUY an autograph or picture with a celeb. Hell, I would never ever do that. I'd rather have a day of fun with the money then spend it on something so stupid.  I find it pathetic to spend money to get a pic with a famous person... but well, who am I to judge how other spend their money? I must admit that I'm, sometimes, a little jealous if people "meet" famous people I like/admire but it passes fast.

Or what I really hate is that people, who already got an autograph or a pic (at an event or something) ask the same celeb for a second while others don't even have one yet. Shame that people are so greedy (I am not saying that I can't be greedy), but that how the world works, isn't it?

PS: Something I like to add: I'm looking around to find the perfect horse to buy! More details on it as soon as I found it!

zondag 4 september 2011

Cat issues

I owe this cute tabby cat called Pluisje (which is Dutch for Fluffy). She has always been shy and not much of a cuddle cat. She only wanted to get petted or cuddle when she allowed it, else she just ran away. Normally she comes sleeping at home but now she only gets inside to eat and we can't even get near her.

I have the feeling something happened to her, that she had a bad experience with people. I really want her to spend more time inside, but I can't lock her in, that wouldn't be fair. I just hope she will come back inside when it starts to freeze, but my mother has doubts about it. It's a shame really, because it means that, if I move out, I will never be able to take her with me. I really love my sweet, fluffy tigress,  but I don't want to force things on her.

Tigress she is, she's almost seems to be feral these days.

zaterdag 3 september 2011

Getting creative

I am absolutely NOT handy but despite that, I'm going to start making some stuff. And that stuff is going to be saddlecloth /pad (whatever it's called). I really love fancy pads for underneath the saddle but they are so damn expensive. 

I love this one so much. The colors are so pretty! But it costs 85 euro's... and that just to protect your saddle from sweat.

Another one I like, 75 euro.

So because I can't afford, and don't want to spend so much money on it, I will try and make them myself. I will start with something very simple. A plain one, but if I get better, I could start making more complicated once and perhaps even earn a little bit of money with it if they look good enough. If the weather isn't too bad, I'm going to the market tomorrow to look for some cheap fabric to try and make my first one. I'd love to make one with animals prints, but I think that leopard prints is going to look dull on Amber because she is's brownish. 

Maybe I should go for zebra or something... I'd love to have minty green or lavender/purple as well... 

Wish me luck!