woensdag 25 april 2012

Elf Fantasy Fair

Saturday I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair and it was just amazing! At first I was a bit afraid of the weather because they predicted 95% chance of rain and it could storm, but we only had twice about ten minutes of rain. The sun even shined for a while!

I saw such beautiful things on the fair. A lot of pretty clothes but all very expensive and cine I try to lose a bit of weight, I didn't bought anything. No, that's a lie. I bought a moonkin action figure from World of Warcraft (MMORPG). 90 % of the people were dressed up, it was so amazing and almost everyone looked so beautiful! I saw Voldemort, Queen Amidala, Daenerys Stormborn (whom was in love with Theon Greyjoy). I saw Jon Snow from afar. I looked for him during the fair, since he looked so much like Kit Harington and I wanted to ask him if he wanted to take me with him to the wall. I saw a dragon, a a lot of different kinds of elves and vampires and I am sure there was an Ezio or 10 running around. One of the most amazing costumes I saw, was someone dressed up as a Satyr. It was such a beautiful costume!

The main reason why I wanted to go the fair (beside tat it is just absolutely awesome) was Christopher Paolini. He was giving a lecture (well more like a talk) and afterwards was the signing. He is such an amazing storyteller and he is so funny! I really enjoyed his talk and I asked a question as well. I asked what his opinion is about fanfiction and he said that it is amazing that fans like authors work enough to write in it themselves. Some authors even started by writing fanfiction. There is still hope for me! He also said that it is ridiculous that some authors are against it. Seems we have the same opinion on that. It's selfish not to let your fans work with you world. Robin Hobb, you are arrogant and selfish!

After the talk I had to wait two hours to get my book signed! I was glad he signed everyone's book since normally he only would be signing an hour. It would gone a lot faster if he hadn't talked to everyone. But he is such a nice person! Wish he would take me to his home (since he lives in the middle of nowhere!)

Christopher Paolini asking my name to personalize the autograph.

Newt year, or perhaps even in September, I want to go again. And this time I want to go dressed up properly, and not as a Gryffindor!

More pictures: (click om them to make them bigger!)

An awesome dragon!

A caterpillar! Great costume!

Jack Sparrow! In the back you can see another one who looks so much like Johnny Depp!


Ezio from Assassins Creed

A very friendly vampire!

Queen Amidala and a priest/druid  girl. 

maandag 23 april 2012


For those who do not know it it, LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. You create a character that meets the requirements and rules of the game and you'll be that character for the whole weekend (unless you get killed...)

For some time I have been considering trying this out but it's really expensive if you aren't handy like me since you probably end up buying everything instead of making it. That's, beside that I am extremely shy, one of the reason I have never tried it. My interest in LARP peaked again at the Elf Fantasy Fair and I have decided try it out. Now I have just need to find an event on a suitable date.

I am going to try out as an extra so I don't have to buy all those expensive equipment from the start, in case I don't like it (how can I not like playing someone else in a fantasy world?) My BF has agreed to try it as well!

If it works out, I still have a dilemma of what kind of character I want to play... Rogue style, with daggers, dual wielding shorts swords or bows (or a combination) and all clad in leather seems a very cool way to go. But a magi or a druid seems very cool as well. Only problem : I have never used a bow before...

But this is still something for in the future. Maybe I can roleplay my character at the next Elf Fantasy Fair or something! I will add a blog about the Elf Fantasy Fair soon! Perhaps even tomorrow or the day after...

donderdag 5 april 2012

Why books are amazing.

While do I love reading so much? Every time I open a book and start to read, I leave this world to travel to another or to go back in time or visit the future. It’s really nice to trade this world in for another, even though it is just for a little while. I really do not understand why some people dislike, or even hate reading. How can you hate reading? You can pick a book from a genre that you like, or about a subject that you like the most. In my opinion, people who don’t like to read haven’t read a good book yet or have difficulties with reading. There is nothing as fun as living those incredible stories.

When I was about ten years old, I got my letter from Hogwarts and traveled by train to Scotland to become a witch. I killed the Basilisk with Harry and mourned the death of Sirius. I also went on a dangerous quest with Frodo to destroy the Ring and crowned Aragon. I rode together with Eragaon on Saphira’s back and learned how to defend cities and how to make a Dragon Riders sword. I’ve walked through a wardrobe and saw winter. I chased Dracula and lived at the Tudor court. I won the Hunger games and found the Holy Grail. I fell in love with a fallen angel and sat on the Iron Throne. I voted for the new Lord Commander and listened to Cairne Bloodhoof, when Thrall didn’t.

I did all of that and a lot more, because I read books. There is so much adventure and so much knowledge in books. Even fictional books can teach us a lot. Just yesterday and orc taught me that the future or the past do not matter. The only thing that is important is this moment. If you live too much in the past, or too much in the future, you cannot enjoy life.
There is an awesome movie about a boy who get sucked into (classic) stories! If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out, I’ll post a trail down below!