maandag 31 januari 2011

Band/short film: WT

Yup another blog…
I just saw Within Temptations short film Mother Maiden. I really liked it. I love the dark sphere and how the story is told. It’s cool and a bit creepy at the same time. I don’t like it that they just pasted Within Temptations performance video of Faster in it… it would have been a lot better if the song was part of the film.
I’m not wild from the song. It’s nice, but it’s not Within Temptation. I have the same feeling I had when I listen to the “new” Nightwish for the first time. It was good, but not awesome.
I’m still a fan from Within Temptation, but I like the older stuff way better then Faster. I’m curious how the other songs of their concept album will sound.

Band: Eluveitie

I know this band for a whiole now and I really like them. My two favorite songs are Omnos and Inis Mona. I love that they use very authentic instruments beside the “normal” metal instruments. They use blowpipes, flute,…. It creates a really awesome sound.

Omnos, a “softer” song, sang in Gaulish.

Inis Mona

Horse riding

Me riding on Pimpernel. She's a very lazy horse and you really need to kick her to keep trotting/galloping. I'm used to ride horses who are sensitive, but she wasn't.... it's good for my mussels though xD

zondag 30 januari 2011

Movie: Hidalgo

A story about a man who is searching for himself and his most loyal friend: his horse Hidalgo.

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Excitement + Book

And another blog entry!

I just had some very good news: I have my First job interview on Tuesday at 10 o’clock in this computer store in Wilrijk! I should be able to get there fluent with the bus. Aagh I never had a job interview…. I’m going to be so nervous!

But that wasn’t the main reason why I wanted to write this blog entry. I have made plans to write a book… I wanted to do this for a while now but I’ve never put an effort to it.
Of course with will be a fantasy oriented book and it will be written in Dutch. I was doubting if it will set in “our world” or in another world and I think I decided it will set in another world.
But another world needs to be created, what is not so simple: you need to have a religion of some kind, a ruler, cities and villages, a culture and you need to have seas, woods, mountains, plains or whatever.
So my first step will be creating my world and its history and I’m sure it will take a while before this is finished.
Next step is to create and interesting story and design characters. I have an idea for a story, but I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough, but first I need to have my world.

I really want to do this for myself and I know there we’ll be a big change that I won’t get it published, but that doesn’t matter too much. It will be great to have it published, but I’m not a first class writer (yet).
One thing I know for sure: if I try and get it published and get rejected six time before I find a publisher, it will be an enormous success and there will be a movie of it! (This is what happened to J.K Rowling)

This is it for now, later you will get the photo challenge.. . and omg… I’m so excited!!!! 

donderdag 27 januari 2011

Epic RIFT cinematic!

Why don't they make fantasy movies like this? (okay, avatar but that's just half the movie...)

maandag 24 januari 2011

Making up my mind?

And another blog.
I think I just made up my mind about the “big decision” (see previous blog) and I’m almost certain that it is going to be a horse, since I'm still very young and I could still start up my business later in my life. My mother advised me that I should live and enjoy it as much as i can before starting up a business. I hope I can find a job soon so I can buy horse around/in the summer.
I’m so looking forward to it… I would love to have a gypsy vanner/tinker/ Irish cob (all the “same”) a friesan, a Halfling pony or a fjord although the last 2 might be a bit too small for my BF to ride.
I hope I can find a nice horse that fits me around the age of 5 so it still young and I can put him “to my hand”. I know I can buy a foal and teach it everything, but I don’t want to wait until it’s 3 years before I can start riding it, although it will be easier to learn it tricks. 
Yup I want to learn my horse trick. I want to teach it how to walk, trot and gallop on voice commando with a rider, I want to teach it how to bow, lie down, sit perhaps even learn the Spanish walk (if the horses is capable of course). And I want to start photographing horses (with our without models) and I want that my horses well be an awesome model… who doesn’t like a nice looking horses ^^



I just took the picture form the internet, so they do not belong to me!

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Heaven on earth....

…. is on the back of a horse
It might sound silly but for me it is completely true.  Today was the first day since three years I’ve been on the back of a horse again an oh how I missed it. I had no did I missed it that bad until I got on the horse.
When my BF and me arrived at the “manĂ©ge” stables or whatever it’s called in English, I was appointed to a white horse called “Pimpernel” and she was so sweet. It was a beautiful and honest horse but it was rather lazy then tired.
Grooming went well, saddling went well as well but I couldn’t get on the horse! It was really embarrassing since my BF got on it the first time he tried and he had never tried it before xD.

The lesson went okay. I was a bit stiff in the saddle, I need to loosen up more, but that will happen when I ride more.  The best part however was galloping…. I have forgotten how amazing it felt. The rumbling of the horse’s feet on the ground, the dancing of its manes in the wind and I felt so good. It was like flying (I think, I never flown before xD). Just sitting on the horse her back and following here movements… I felt free again after a long time feeling like I was stuck and suffocating.
I really want to ride in the forest again… just sitting on the horse and enjoying the nature…

Though horse riding again was really amazing it made me think and now I am facing a difficult choice:
Open my own business or buy my own horse again.
I can’t do both, since my own business will consume a lot of time, but I really want my little shop, but I really want a horse to. I realized today that in the three “horseless” years, I wasn’t as happy as I was when I  was still riding I felt so happy and free.  It were the best years of my life and the three horseless years have been pretty boring and sucking (of course I did fun stuff aswell!!).
So now I’m facing the difficult choices of what I want more: have a horse and be really happy and free again  (and with that I will probably have a very boring job) or have my own shop and be (hopefully) successful business wise (and have like one day, if I’m lucky, free time to spend with my BF)

Please give me some advice…

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Age of Five

And another blog! 5th one this month already… It’s going well!
Yesterday night I finished the Age of Five trilogy by Trudi Canavan and I was so surprised how it ended. 
I really love Canavan her writing style. She makes you see the story from a lot of sides and it makes it really hard to despite a character because in some way they are all right. Except Nekaun… he sucks big time…
The subject around which the story is woven, didn’t interested me, but because het Magicians Apprentice was so good, I decided to give it a try and I’m happy I did. The story reflects a lot that is happing or had happened to us, to the world.
Very quick and without spoiling anything, this is the main storyline:  There are 3 major religions: The Circlians, the Pentadrian and the Dreamweavers.  The Circlians are committed to 5 gods as are the Pentadrians and the Dreamweavers don’t like the gods and some even loathe them.
The Circlians believe that there 5 gods are the only gods left and that the gods of the Pentadrians are fake. The Pentadrians thing the same but the other way around. Of course they hate another…
The Dreamweaver however, are neutral.  Then you have a 4th group, called the Wilds or the Immortals and the gods hate them because they are Immortal.
You see the story from the eyes of four characters (okay, sometimes there is a piece in between that you see the world from the eyes of a unimportant person) and that makes it so hard to pick a side, until the middle of the last book.
Religion sucks, but without it, we wouldn’t be what we are now. The world would e very different and who knows if it’s would be for the better or for worse? No one can.

Another matter that I want to share in my blog today is that I’m going to start horse riding again. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m a bit nervous. I’m sure I will make a complete fool of myself since I’ll probably get a big horse (I prefer big ponies or smaller horses) and I won’t be able to get on it… You need to get on it with one fluent movement, you can’t pull to hard at the saddle, because it will move then and the horse won’t like it…

woensdag 12 januari 2011


I really need to try to update more. I want to update my blog at least one time in the week and perhaps I should update always on the same day…
Like you can see, the template of my blog is different but it’s not finished yet. I’m planning to add some pictures to the side of stuff that I like or that have a certain role in my life. Good idea or not?

Lately I’m in a bittersweet mood and it’s really annoying. At the sweet side there are the plans of opening my new business, the relation with my boyfriend and a lot of fanfiction writing inspiration. On the bitter side there is the doubt about my plans to open my own business and I feel kind of lonely sometimes.
I’m afraid I won’t get any money to start up my business and that will be a big disappointment. I know I shouldn’t hope too much, but in my head, it is all planned out.
I’m staying at my BF for at least a week and I hate it. Everyone sleep till noon and it’s so quiet in the house and I miss the dog and the six cats at home. 

I’m a bit homesick, which is a bit funny, since I’m staying over at my BF a lot.
I’m ending this blog today, but I’m planning to write a new entry tomorrow since tonight there is an info evening about starting up your own business. 

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I’ve update this, so time for a new blog!
In the last entry I was telling that I was a bit lost and that I wanted to try to actually live my life and not worry all the time.
Well I’m starting up my own business, which I’m really happy about. At the moment only the idea is present but I will try everything to make it work.
The idea is to begin a web shop that sells fantasy stuff and stuff related to Scandinavian/Celtic mythology. My dad is supporting me and he is going to try to help me out as much as he can.
Soon we will begin at the business plan and hopefully that will help me to find money to start the shop.

I made myself a few promises for the new year and hopefully I’ll be able to keep them:
-          Start my own business. I’m working at this one now. The only problem is that I need to get some money to be able to buy stock, set up the web shop and stuff.

-          Losing weight. I want to fit in my corset again.
Already at the 5th day of my diet and it’s going pretty well. I’m not eating any kind of candy, not drinking anything except from water and fruit juice. It gets really hard in the evening when I’m not doing anything except watching tv. But I will lose more weight when I start swimming and horse riding again. I hope to go from “L” to “M” at the end of spring.

-          Start horse riding again.  I’ve been postponing this for a while. I really should find a good riding instructor before the end of January so I can buy riding clothes during the sales.

-          Stop worrying so much.

-          Go out more and meet new people. I’m very shy and I have almost no self esteem. It’s really hard for me to start a conversation with a stranger and I really want to change this.

-          Stop trying to meet old friends who don’t make an effort to meet me. I’ve tried a few time to meet one of my old friends, but they never have time or say they’ll contact me when they have time. And then they post on their facebook how fun the evening out was with their other friends.
It makes me feel bad and gives me the feeling that they don’t want to know me anymore or that I did something wrong. I need to stop spending time on them or stop caring about them.  They are back stabbing me and getting rid of the bit self esteem I have left. I need new friends who want to meet me and don’t find lame excuses. But where to start? I’m not a party animal.

-          Try to attend at least 3 Rasmus concerts. I freak when I see them on stage. I’m almost 20 and still I feel like 15 when they get on stage. It’s fun to be a fangirl. Jumping, screaming and trying to get an autograph or a picture of/with them. I try not to melt when they smile at me… but I always fail. It’s a sin.

-          Try to take a break from playing World of Warcarft. I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to do. I want to try a new game, but I know so much people in WoW and it’s hard to leave a 3 year friendship behind, although I don’t really know the persons behind the chars.
Many things to accomplish but I’m going for it. 2010 was an awful year and I want 2011 to be great. I want to live this year like it was my last. I want that this year is mine.