zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Going to university.

After one year and a few months I have finally decided what I really want to do right now. For a whole time I have been doubting and changing my mind about what I really wanted to do. After picking a wrong study and trying to find a job (I never got one because my heart wasn't in it and I didn't put any effort in it) I decided to go back to school. University to be more precise. I have been thinking a while about going back to school, but I was afraid of the workload, that I have to give things up I don't want to give up and the costs of it. Talking to someone has made me realize that life is way too short to doubt a lot, and that I have to take risk and work hard if I want something in life. So Thursday I talked to my parents and they were okay with in, but warned me that I had to pay for my study myself (or the most of it) because they can't. Right now I get money because I am looking for a job and I am going to safe every last cent of it for school.

Of course I had to pick a study that isn't easy, but it really seems very interesting! Language and Literature (It's a free translation, so it could be wrong!) in Antwerp. Very close to home, so I don't need a room. I have to pick two languages, and I will be going for Dutch and English, since those two seems the most interesting. If I could, I might have considered French, but you need a bit of knowledge for it to be able to start it, and I suck at French.

I know I will have to work very hard, but I will make it. I will have that Master in a few years so my family and my boyfriend will be proud of me and so I can be proud on myself.

If someone wants to share their experience about the study, or about the University of Antwerp, please feel free!  

zondag 19 februari 2012

Köln or Paris?

My favourite band is going to tour again in the spring, but so far there are no concerts planned in Belgium or The Netherlands. So my BF and I decided to book a trip to either Köln or Paris to go and see them when there aren't more dates announced in March. I know that Köln is cheaper then Paris, both in getting there as in hotels, but to be honest, Germany doesn't interest me as much as Paris and I know Paris a little bit since I've been there before. Since we will only be there for a very limited timed time I think that is handy, so I can show my BF around. Instead of going by train to Paris, I was considering going by bus because it is less expensive BUT it takes a lot longer. Another advantage to Paris: my BF speaks a bit French (better as me!).

Aaagh doubts... someone has some advice?  

maandag 6 februari 2012

Small War Horse review + talk about horses

A few days ago I went to the theatre to see War Horse, a film by Steven Spielberg based on the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It's written for children, but the film is defiantly not fir for children.

I was really surprised that the film was so harsh and cruel. The book isn't that hard in my opinion.
I cried a lot during the film and I don't think I ever want to see the film again, even thought it was very very good and touching. I hope the film gets rewarded with an oscar, it really deserves it.
Besides the very harsh subject, there was room for some humor in it. It came on some very unexpected moments and that made it even better. It was supposed to be a Christmas film, but it came out pretty late here in Belgium and you really get a bit of Christmas feeling while watching it( or at least, I did.)

What I hope is that when people watch this film, they realise how much horses have done for men. Now they are pets. We keep them because we ride them as hobby. While a lot of people try to give them a horse worthy life, a lot don't bother about it. I hate people who keep their horses in a too small stable 23 hours a day. I would never ever do that, expect if it's needed for a medical problem. Horses deserved a good life shared with friends and enough food and water. Their ancestors brought men to battle. To the danger, while horses normally run away from danger. In those battles they died beside men or won victories with them. Isn't that brave? They worked for us, so we could have food. They transported us through the cities so we didn't have to walk. They provided us with food. They pulled our cannons, while they were way to heavy for them to pull. How noble is that? How brave is that? And still loads and loads of horses are being neglected and abused.

In my opinion, there is no truer friend to men then a horse, no braver and more noble animal then a horse.