maandag 23 april 2012


For those who do not know it it, LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. You create a character that meets the requirements and rules of the game and you'll be that character for the whole weekend (unless you get killed...)

For some time I have been considering trying this out but it's really expensive if you aren't handy like me since you probably end up buying everything instead of making it. That's, beside that I am extremely shy, one of the reason I have never tried it. My interest in LARP peaked again at the Elf Fantasy Fair and I have decided try it out. Now I have just need to find an event on a suitable date.

I am going to try out as an extra so I don't have to buy all those expensive equipment from the start, in case I don't like it (how can I not like playing someone else in a fantasy world?) My BF has agreed to try it as well!

If it works out, I still have a dilemma of what kind of character I want to play... Rogue style, with daggers, dual wielding shorts swords or bows (or a combination) and all clad in leather seems a very cool way to go. But a magi or a druid seems very cool as well. Only problem : I have never used a bow before...

But this is still something for in the future. Maybe I can roleplay my character at the next Elf Fantasy Fair or something! I will add a blog about the Elf Fantasy Fair soon! Perhaps even tomorrow or the day after...

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