dinsdag 12 maart 2013

The commotion around "She's a Bomb"

Yesterday the new single and video of Lauri had been released on the internet. The first time I watched it I was surprised because I never expected something like that, but after the second time I found it hilarious and with the third time I was finally able to listen to the song.

 So here is the clip, but for the very sensitive souls, I advice you not to watch because apparently this has shocked a lot of people. 

I think it's quite obvious that it's a parody on a porn film and that it is not mend to be taken seriously. It's brilliant and cool that Lauri dares to do this. Some people say he has changed, though I do not know how they know this. Do they know him personally? He has grown up (though I sometimes highly doubt that), but that does not mean he has changed completely. I read a comment somewhere on Facebook of someone who said she was going to stop being a The Rasmus fan because of what Lauri is doing with his solo carrier. Well she is apparently not a The Rasmus fan but a Lauri fan.

It seems a lot of people are having trouble to see Lauri's solo career separate from The Rasmus while he is making a completely different style of music. With his solo project he is obviously trying to get rid of the 'the guy with feathers from that band' image. He will always be that for me, but I am able to see his solo career separated from the band. And while I think The Rasmus is better than Lauri's solo project, I liked New World a lot. It is safe to say that Lauri is taking The Rasmus a lot more serious than his solo project. But unfortunately a lot of people can't see the humour in it.

Lauri always says that you don't have to take things so seriously and some of his fans should really listen to his words. Keep it unreal, he said. What do those haters do? Tear this down. If read people calling the clip disgusting and another said he should retire. Shame you feel that way, but you don't have to say it like that. I don't like it (at all) is powerful enough, isn't it? And if you don't like it, don't watch and listen to it. I know he will probably not read the comments and most likely not care too much about it, but I hate it when people start tearing down others. It's not because he's famous that it gives you the right to do that.

Well I think the video is brilliant that 'shy' Lauri has been brave to do this. And we've learned he can pole dance. The best, however, is that he looks really hot as a man (well not in this video) and that he can pass a a pretty woman as well.

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