zondag 4 september 2011

Cat issues

I owe this cute tabby cat called Pluisje (which is Dutch for Fluffy). She has always been shy and not much of a cuddle cat. She only wanted to get petted or cuddle when she allowed it, else she just ran away. Normally she comes sleeping at home but now she only gets inside to eat and we can't even get near her.

I have the feeling something happened to her, that she had a bad experience with people. I really want her to spend more time inside, but I can't lock her in, that wouldn't be fair. I just hope she will come back inside when it starts to freeze, but my mother has doubts about it. It's a shame really, because it means that, if I move out, I will never be able to take her with me. I really love my sweet, fluffy tigress,  but I don't want to force things on her.

Tigress she is, she's almost seems to be feral these days.

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