dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Patrick Rothfuss

A while ago I saw a book with a very nice cover and title in the Waterstone. The book was called The Name of the Wind. I absolutely loved the title, so I picked up, read the summary and bought it. It took me a while before I started to read it, but it was absolutely amazing!

It's been a while since I enjoyed reading a book so much, it became one of my favourite books. What I like so much about it is the way the story is told. The story is actually told by the main character himself, Kvothe. The part where you see the older Kvothe, is in third person. When you see the young Kvothe (the story) it is in first person. Normally I don't laugh out loud when reading a book, but I did with this one. There are really funny things in it. Another point that makes the book so good for me is the fact that I have no idea if I like or dislike Kvothe. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but a few pages further I could slap him hard in the face for his stupidity.

Since I liked the book so much, I decided to look up some information about the author and what other books he had written. To my surprise, this was his very first book. He has done a very very good job with his very first book! He surely is, for me, the best fantasy writer I've read so far (but than again, I still have to read books from Jordan, Sanderson etc)

Now I am going to read H;P Lovecraft and when that is finished, I am going to read the second book The Wise Man's Fear. I have very high expectations of it and I hope I wont be disappointed. By the way, the series is called "Kingkiller Chronicle"

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  1. I enjoyed this book a lot as well, nice review you have. I haven't started the second one yet as I have a ton of other books to get through, but it is on the list.

    1. The second one is great as well, but the first one is the best!