vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Book review: The Demon King

It's been more then a month since I blogged something. Not much has been happening lately, but I felt the need to blog something so I decided to write a little book review. 

The Demon King  by Cinda Williamns Chima  is the first book of the Seven Realms series. It's a Young Adult Fantasy novel. My version counted 506 pages. 

The story is about two young people:

The story starts when Han becomes the owner of a very old and powerful amulet. Ever since he owns the amulet, he has nothing but bad luck. 

Raisa, the heir to the Queendom, feel like she is imprisoned. She want's to explore the world, but is not allowed to. Her future has been set out for her by a mother. She can't even decided who she wants to marry. 

It's a pretty decent book and reads very fluently. The first chapter is very interesting and pulls you right into it. It's well written and not boring. What I like a lot about the book is that the World Building is very good. As the story continuous, you learn more and more about the world, like in most well written Fantasy. What I found different is that I had the feeling that I knew a lot about the world. It was in a way, very familiar. Maybe it because I have read a lot of Fantasy and that I recognized things from other stories or the writer is just extremely good at world building. The world and the politics and the rules are pretty simple and straightforward. Very easy to understand. 

What I disliked about the book was that it took a while (about 350 pages) before it get's really intense and interesting. Of course there are some interesting sequences before that, but they didn't seem important for the plot (yet). It's a shame that it takes 350 pages to set up the foundations of the pretty straightforward plot. Perhaps it was needed, but to find out, I need to read the other books in the series as well.  

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