maandag 24 september 2012

Nailpolish: Cracked

Nail polish and I have a love/hate relationship. Since I don't have the patience it requires to probably polish my nails, I mess it up most of the times. Now, however, I found the solution: I polish my nails while I'm watching series! I don't have to use my hands while watching and I am doing something!

I am not someone who takes great care of her nails. My nails get damaged very often because I'm working with horses and everything that goes with it. I always get very disappointed and sometimes angry when polish loses very fast (with fast I mean the first day) and that why I rarely did it anyway, even though i love it.

Now I finally bought a new top coat and bought some nice colours. My favourite brand of nail polish is Gosh (from the once I tried). It isn't really expensive nor is it cheap. But cheap nail polish is ugly and doesn't last nearly as long.

As you see (from this extremely ugly picture...) I have a cracked nails effect. I used Gosh 01 base/top coat as base for everything. After it dried I put on a layer of 008 Berry Me (which is a special edition). When that was dry, I used 03 Silver (Cracked Nail Lacquer). It's really easy to do, since you just have to apply the Cracked Nail Lacquer as if you were using normal polish. Slowly you see bits of it vanishing and after 30 seconds you get this result! I finished it all with a couple layers of the top coat. Yes, I used a lot of it, just to make sure it all stays on my nails for hopefully a few days!

I did this all while watching Prison Break season one... again.

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