woensdag 21 november 2012

Stress, already.

December is approaching extremely fast. Faster then I expected. I'm certain December will pass by very fast, as is does every year, because of Christmas and New Year.
Unfortunately that means that the exams (which are in January) will be here very quickly as well. And I have done next to nothing for it. Every now and then, like right now, a small panic attack kicks in and I feel so overwhelmed by the stuff I need to learn. Unless I'm mistaken, I have an oral exam of English Proficiency and it scares the hell out of me. Especially since I'm having trouble with pronouncing the middle "D" in words like sadness. Luckily my "Th" sounds very good, but I must not forget to use it!

I am planning to study in the library because it's harder to be distracted, but it's already very difficult to find a free table if I have a few hours time between classes. I can study at home, but I find myself to be way too easily distracted. I'm so going to suffer of insomnia during the exams because of stress and when I'm nervous or under stress I start eating... not good.... uugh... why did it postpone everything? Where did all the time go?. 

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