zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Review: Graceling

Last night I finished Graceling by Kirsten Cashore. It's the first book the the Graceling Realm series. Below is a small review. There are no spoilers!

The book is about Katsa, a girl who is Graced. A Grace is an exceptional power and can be almost everything. Katsa has a killing Grace, which means she is an extraordinary fighter and has never been defeated before. When the father of a King is kidnapped, she tries to solve the mystery, discovering so much more on her journey.

Graceling is a book with potential. The story is interesting, but it's not well developed. It feels to more like a glorified draft. Cashore introduces a very interesting villain of which no one in the book knows a lot, but we only seem him very brief and still don't know very much about him. I was so looking forward to know why he became a villain or why he did what he had done.

There is also this ten year old girl. The dialogue that Cashore put's in the girls mount does not fit a ten year old. She is too smart and she overcomes her grief too quickly. Sometimes I forgot she was only ten years old.

The romance in the book terrible. Katsa doesn't want to fall in love because she's afraid to lose her freedom. When she does fall in love, she gives everything to her lover. After a couple of months her lover gives everything he has to her, which is very unbelievable.

Another thing that annoys me is the fact that there are so little descriptions in the book. I love to know what kind of place someone enters, without knowing the full details so I can make up stuff myself. But that doesn't mean I want the picture the whole interior of a castle all by myself. It's annoying, because I keep on wondering how someone lives.

Also Kristen Cashore strikes me as a feminist who's against marriage and who doesn't like girly things. It's really annoying!  

My conclusion is that this is a book with potential and should have been worked out a bit more. A nice snack between books if you don't expect too much.

Next up; A Game of Groans, A Parody of Slush and Soot.

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