maandag 1 oktober 2012

End of another Era

Just a few minutes ago I read something I am really happy about. I feel a little guilty that I feel happy about it, but whatever!

Now the news: Anette is leaving Nightwish!

I enver hated Anette, but I liked Nightwish less since she was in the band. I listen to both cd's with Anette as vocalist, but honestly, I couldn't listen to them in the same way I listen to the cd's with Tarja. Anette's voice bored me fast. And I'm sure something is wrong... she's leaving after only two albums...

Right now they are finishing their world tour with Floor (ex-After Forver, Revamp). And of course they've already been to Belgium.

Now I'm really curious what kind of voice they are going to take to replace Anette. It can't be worse, or can it?

The official Press statement can be found here.

I just had to share this!

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