vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Time flies by...

A whole month has passed by so terribly fast. It actually happened before I really noticed it. After two years of doing nothing at all, it feels like a real liberation. I love school. i have never loved school so much as I do now and I am so grateful that i have been given this opportunity.
Going to University is the best decision I have made in my life thus far.

When I was at secondary school I disliked to go to school. I liked learning, but I disliked the people and the environment. I feel so much more confident at Uni. No one gives me strange looks (or a least I don't have that feeling)and everyone is nice. The other day a guy held open a door for me friend and I can't remember anyone doing that for me except my BF. I thought it was really sweet of him.

While I occasionally have a small panic attack when I think about the exams, I feel pretty confident that I would to rather good. I think it mainly is because I have already identified the subjects that I find very hard like English Proficiency and English Grammar.

Proficiency is so difficult because I find it hard to understand and feel how you use your mouth and breath to pronounce words. Also because we have absolutely no way to practise this except reading a sentence a loud once a week during the language labs. And I'm so afraid of this exam, especially because it's oral.

Grammar is difficult because I can't stay awake during class. I don't know why, because the professor is everything but boring.

Time to end this small rant, because I need to get back to checking up some words I did not understand in the 16th century introduction of the Norton Anthology.

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