vrijdag 1 februari 2013


As long as I can remember I've wanted to visit the country. I've never been interested in 'warm' countries with exception of Egypt and that is solely for the pyramids and the culture. Nor have I ever had the ambition to travel the whole world and see as much as I possibly can. Most countries I want to visit attract me for their nature, not their climate or because there is much cultural things to do and see.

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I've always been interested in the mysterious 'north' but unfortunately I've never been to it The most north I've ever been is Deventer in the Netherlands. Normally I would have gone to Norway in September but well that has been postponed until I don't know when. I think the northern lights must be one of the most amazing phenomena of nature. And I think the midnight sun must be incredible odd, in a way. There is barely such a thing as 'night' in the summer, while in winter days are very short. Finland attracts me, of the Scandinavian countries the most because of the music and the thousand lakes.
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Most of my favourite artists hail from this country of a thousand lakes. The Finns have so many really good bands (some of them known around the whole globe). I know that their school system (the best in the world) supports making music, but that can't be the only thing that causes to many bands to create such fantastic music? Surely there must be something inspiring about the country?
I'd love to go on vacation to Finland and it doesn't matter in which season. I know it can be incredible cold in the winter, but as long as I don't freeze to dead when I'm inside, I don't mind it. In the summer it can be as warm as here! Maybe if I will be able to go on Eramus (studying abroad for a term) I should go to Finland or another Scandinavian country, though the U.K also lures me for it's interesting to improve my English.

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I love Belgium, it's a nice country (not perfect, but which country is perfect?) but what I miss the most her is nature. If I go for a walk in the nearby park/forest I can always hear the sound of 'civilisation' and encounter other people regularly. Yes I could go to the Ardenne (whatever it's called in English) but I'm afraid of heights and I'm not a fan of climbing hills all day long. So that's one of the reason I don't go for a walk very often, although I love it. Maybe I'll be able to go to Finland on vacation in 2014... though i need to save up money for a lot of things already... hmm. I'll see what life throws at me, I am not much of a planner. I'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings!

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