vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Exams are overn vacation!

Finally after a whole month of studying, the exams are over. I'll have to do a few again in August and for some I'm not sure.
Today I had the hardest one, an oral exam: Phonetics. I definitely failed.

I don't have much planned for the vacation (except that I'll probably go trice to the cinema) besides being not bored. I want to read and write and study. Yes, study. The course Literature in English is continuing in the second term and in June I will have an exam about the first and the second term, so I have to keep up with it. I'll probably try to re-read all the general introductions to the periods and the author introduction and make a brief summary of it and I hope to re-read every single text before the exam. It will require careful planning. Anyhow, I'm going to enjoy my well deserved vacation!

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