zondag 15 mei 2011

Currently Reading

Okay I'm really lacking behind with my reading.
I gave myself the challenge to read 40 books this years and I've just read one book in 5 months. That is just terrible!
Why do I always pick the very tick books? (800 pages and more).

Now I am reading the first book of A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones and it is so far a really good book.
It is a fantasy book (of course, I barely read anything else these days) but not the highfantasy I love so much. This book is focused on politics and I really like it. The characters are so well written and they seem to be so real. No idealistic heroes or bad guys. If I think about what happened in the book so far, I really wonder why I wasn't bored since there hasn't happened a lot. You just don't notice it because it is so well written.

The second book I am going to start tonight is a comic book from the World of Warcarft series. It's called Warcraft: Dragons of Outland #1.  Not much to tell about that for now, since I still need to start it.

I've also got 3 new books from my fiancée... he thinks it's cute when I read and he thinks I'm a total nerd... (but he knows he is one 2... we are made for each other)

Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak (from the World of Warcraft Series) and the Harry Potter comic relief (which is really funny!).

So I still have a lot to read, so I better stop blogging and go reading!

PS: I have a goodreads acoount: you can find out what I'm reading over there as well!

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