maandag 16 mei 2011

What Loves Means...

I'm almost 4 years (27/07/2007) together with my fiancée and I really have a good feeling about us.

What I've learned in those years is that love is not only about liking each other because who you are but it's also about sharing interest and lucky for us, we share almost every interest!
My fiancée introduced me to serious (no casual puzzle and sim games)  gaming about 4 years ago. He showed me World of Warcarft and I'm still playing it! He gave me my RPG addiction and I kick his ass in most mmo's and rpg's).
I return I'v opened the mysterious world of books to him and we really enjoy reading together!

The biggest thing we share is our love for animals and lately my fiancée stared so get interested in the most noble animal walking this planet: horses.
We even decided to buy our own horses in the near future... damn I'm so happy he fell in love with horses as well!

There are a million other things we both like and of course there are things we don't like both. (He likes camping and I don't for example).

I hope we are mend to be together for the rest of our life.

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