woensdag 11 mei 2011


Today I went for the first time all alone to the forest with Amber (the pony I ride). It wasn't as fun as I planned it to be. She was really stubborn and kept stopping every few paces. One time we've stood still for about 10 minutes.  She was walking very very slowly. She got me annoyed like hell.

Then when we entered the forest she was so hot. She was really calm until I've galloped one time. After that she wanted to keep galloping and she wanted to do it very fast. I wanted a trot, but she just jumped into gallop and crosses for a few meters and I had so much trouble getting her back into a walk.

After this I decided that I'm going to buy my own horse around august (or perhaps later, need to fin the right horses plus a place to stable it).
It's not that I don't like Amber... she's a very sweet pony, but she wants to go fast, and I don't.
I'm going to "loan" her until my boyfriend and I have found a horse suitable for the both of us and I'm not going to rush that.

Maybe Amber will settle down a bit if we go to the forest more together, then I can postpone a own horse a bit more. I hope it will work out between the two of us, not because it's cheaper, but just because I like her a lot. But it still not the same as having a horse all for myself.

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