vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

The Pukkelpop nightmare

I wasn't there myself, but I knew some people that were and when I heard the news, I was so concerned. Lucky they are okay.

It's really hard to grasp what has happened in Kiewit yesterday. I think it's even harder for the family and friends of does who lost their lives. How do you tell someone's parents that there kid isn't coming back home after a day of (what supposed to be) fun.

I saw footage of what happened, and o my god, I was so glad that I wasn't there and I felt so sorry for all that were. I'm glad the whole festival has been canceled, due respect for the victims. And I don't think, if it wasn't canceled, it would be as fun. Who wants to party where 24 hours ago people lost their lives?

I also hate the people that are just worrying about their money. Okay, it's not fun to lose money, but there are people who lost a part of their family, so stop complaining.

This is all what I have to say about the tragedy, I wish I could do more then just paying my respects, but for now, I can't.

Rest in Peace, victims of the Pukkelpop 2011 tragedy.

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  1. It's so unreal, I still can't believe it all happend like 500meters away from us and that we didn't know a thing about deaths/injuries untill 20.30hr :/