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Book: Inheritance Cycle

I'm writing this on December 27, without knowing when I will be able to post is, since the internet at home decided to stop working. I do think I will be able to post it Friday, when I'm going back to my BF, but hopefully it will be sooner.

Now, on with the actual blog. I want to write a review about t the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. For those who do not know the cycle, I will write down a very brief summary.

The Inheritance Cycle consists of four books: Eragon (there is a film based on this book, with the same title, but the film doesn't follow the book entirely and loads of (important) things have been cut out), Eldest, Briningr and Inheritance. The Cycle follow a young boy who because a Dragon Rider after he found a dragon egg while hunting. From a farm boy he grows into a representative of hope, for he is the only free Dragon Rider and he assumed to be the only person who has a change of besting the current power hunger king, Galbatorix. Together with a band of rebels, Eragon tries to become powerful enough to have a chance against Galbatorix, but his journey isn't an easy one.

While I read the books, I can't help but notice that the setting is a bit cliché, but that doesn't make the books less fun to read, since Paolini put a lot of effort in creating the world and making it feel real. There is no prefect race, for everyone of them has flaws, nor is there a flawless character. I love the way we see a lot of the character develop throughout the cycle and how we slowly get to know the world better and it's mysteries. I also like that there is a lot of variation in the books. We see grand and smaller battles, sieges, politics, friendship, a little bit of romance, loads of magic, travelling, etc...

While Paolini isn't the best writer I know, he is a very good storyteller. While I read the books, I was travelling with Eragon and his friends instead of just reading about it. I fought the battles side by side with Eragon and killed as many enemies as he did. I fell in love with the characters and the world and especially the magic. The magic system is so complicated, but not difficult to understand and I love that. I hate simplistic things, but I hate bad explained things even more. That's what so cool about Paolini. He manages to describer complicated things in such a manner, they are easy to understand, if you are willing to use your brains a bit while reading.

This review is getting long! I'm just going to add one more thing. There is still so much we don't know. I am not going to say what, for it will be spoilers. And I am so curious about certain things, that I hope that some time, we will get the answers. In April I am going to meet Paolini (if everything goes as planned) and I have a few question I am going to ask and I hope he will write more books soon, because I really like his writing style.

These four books have enchanted me from the first letter till the very last. At one point, I even had to blink away a tear and I don't cry fast while reading. I'm happy I finished them, because it was such a wonderful journey, but I am sad that I have to wait to read more and I have no idea how long the wait will be.

So if you are looking for a book or a series to read and you like fantasy, especially dragons and magic, I really recommend the Inheritance Cycle.

PS: From now on I'm going to try to write a small review from every book I have read, while I am not a journalist, nor skilled at reviewing, I'll try to make it as interesting as possible. Tips and tricks are always welcome!  At the moment I am reading Dracula by Bram Stooker! 

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