dinsdag 3 januari 2012

The material girls in me.

Sometimes I wonder if there are things I can't live without, and I am talking material items, not persons or animals, and I realized that it is a very difficult question. I am used to so much luxury that it is hard to image living without it.

As and example, my computer and internet are part of my daily life. I almost use it daily and it's one of my most use relaxation and time passing method. It is really scary to consider how much time I have spent in front of a computer screen. What will I do if someone just takes it away from me? Well I think I will be utterly bored and get irritated. I know I could live without a computer if needed, but I prefer not to. I love gaming too much and it is a great way to keep in contact with my friends and to meet knew people from all around the world.

Next up, books. I will go crazy if I can't read any books, or am allowed to own books. I love reading so much. Books can take me away from this cruel world and let me experience things I never thought possible. It's also a great source of gaining more knowledge and to extend your vocabulary. Sometimes I think I love books more then anything else in the world. Seems a bit silly, no?

The last one I can think of is my Ipod (or my phone or another mp3 player). Music is such a splendid therapy. If I feel really bad and listen to the right music, it can cheer my up. I just love to lie in bed and listen to music, just enjoying it. Waiting is a lot more bearable when you are listening to music. Time just seems to pass faster when you are trying to decipher the meaning of those lyrics or while screaming as loud as you can with the song (mentally, or vocally). I always get into a bad mood when I have to take the bus or go for a walk and the battery of my Ipod is dead. So yes, my Ipod is pretty important to me.

Besides the basic needs of life (food, clothes, house, …) I cannot thing of any other luxury item that I will miss terribly when it is going to be taken away from me for some silly reason. It's not a lot, but still more then enough. If we ever need to abandon everything to shelter from some disaster, I will take those three things with me, thought I will probably not be able to save all the books I own.

So what of you guys? Is there something material you don't want to miss, whatever happens?  

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