vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Life of Pi - Yann Martel

This books had been on my to-read list for quite some time. My boyfriend saw the film a couple of weeks ago and insisted that I had to see it on the big screen but I refused until I read the book. A little while later he bought me the book. This small review is spoiler free.

I finished it in ten days. I would have read it faster if it wasn't for the exams. I must say I was very impressed. It is in a way a very light book that touches serious subjects. It's a book that forces that invites you to think, to try and understand. The book is full of 'lightly' philosophising about different aspects of life. I really enjoyed to read those parts. I have the feeling the book has broadened my mind and I love Pi's vision on religion.

Yann Martel is a great write and storyteller. I love how he describes the world and he is very good with emotions. His work is very inspirational and I was surprised how interesting he managed to keep the story while there was as good as no change of scenery for 200 pages. Almost nothing happens during those pages but on the other hand so much happens. It's really hard to describe accurate, you'll have to read it for that. It's a very tragic story that makes you wonder about certain thinks. I enjoyed it a lot and I would recommend it to everyone who can appreciate a good story.

So far for my small review. I will probably talk more about Life of Pi after I've seen the film.

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