zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Relics, why do people buy them?

I should be studying narratology instead of writing this, but else it would be stuck in my head and I wouldn't be able to concentrate: so here is another blog!

Someone posted on facebook that a grey corset of Emilia Autmn, that she wore and stage, has been sold voor about 2.000 dollar. It's so insane! I don't understand that people want to pay so much money for a second hand piece, because that's what it is. And what the hell are they going to do with it? Wear it? It's a 2 000 dollar corset! Hang it on the wall?

I wonder why people are actually paying so much for things that have been made/worn/whatever by an artist. Beside being to boast about it or to show it of to your family/friends/other fans, what use has it? If the money goes to charity I can understand why you would buy it, but I think most people want to give money to have the object and not to support a charity. You don't have to buy stuff from a celebrity in order to support a charity!

I do understand you like to collect relics as memories or something, but why buy them? I have several relics from gigs, meeting inspiring person but I haven't bought any of them, they were giving freely to me (with expectation of an entrance ticket to a gig or something like that). You have people that would pay to get an autograph or a picture with famous persons but I will never do that. I pay money to see their films, read their books, to hear their music. I'll buy tickets for their show and when I have money and I like it, I'll buy merchandise. Above all that they still want me to pay for an autograph or a picture? Fuck you.

People that love their fans would never do that, unless they have a crappy manager or are really desperate for money. I will not think less of someone who sell relics/pictures/autographs, but I think the people who buy it are pathetic. I could go on about this for quite a while, but I still have lots of studying to to, especially since I'm going to the cinema this afternoon. 

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