woensdag 12 januari 2011


I really need to try to update more. I want to update my blog at least one time in the week and perhaps I should update always on the same day…
Like you can see, the template of my blog is different but it’s not finished yet. I’m planning to add some pictures to the side of stuff that I like or that have a certain role in my life. Good idea or not?

Lately I’m in a bittersweet mood and it’s really annoying. At the sweet side there are the plans of opening my new business, the relation with my boyfriend and a lot of fanfiction writing inspiration. On the bitter side there is the doubt about my plans to open my own business and I feel kind of lonely sometimes.
I’m afraid I won’t get any money to start up my business and that will be a big disappointment. I know I shouldn’t hope too much, but in my head, it is all planned out.
I’m staying at my BF for at least a week and I hate it. Everyone sleep till noon and it’s so quiet in the house and I miss the dog and the six cats at home. 

I’m a bit homesick, which is a bit funny, since I’m staying over at my BF a lot.
I’m ending this blog today, but I’m planning to write a new entry tomorrow since tonight there is an info evening about starting up your own business. 

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