maandag 24 januari 2011

Making up my mind?

And another blog.
I think I just made up my mind about the “big decision” (see previous blog) and I’m almost certain that it is going to be a horse, since I'm still very young and I could still start up my business later in my life. My mother advised me that I should live and enjoy it as much as i can before starting up a business. I hope I can find a job soon so I can buy horse around/in the summer.
I’m so looking forward to it… I would love to have a gypsy vanner/tinker/ Irish cob (all the “same”) a friesan, a Halfling pony or a fjord although the last 2 might be a bit too small for my BF to ride.
I hope I can find a nice horse that fits me around the age of 5 so it still young and I can put him “to my hand”. I know I can buy a foal and teach it everything, but I don’t want to wait until it’s 3 years before I can start riding it, although it will be easier to learn it tricks. 
Yup I want to learn my horse trick. I want to teach it how to walk, trot and gallop on voice commando with a rider, I want to teach it how to bow, lie down, sit perhaps even learn the Spanish walk (if the horses is capable of course). And I want to start photographing horses (with our without models) and I want that my horses well be an awesome model… who doesn’t like a nice looking horses ^^



I just took the picture form the internet, so they do not belong to me!

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