zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Heaven on earth....

…. is on the back of a horse
It might sound silly but for me it is completely true.  Today was the first day since three years I’ve been on the back of a horse again an oh how I missed it. I had no did I missed it that bad until I got on the horse.
When my BF and me arrived at the “manége” stables or whatever it’s called in English, I was appointed to a white horse called “Pimpernel” and she was so sweet. It was a beautiful and honest horse but it was rather lazy then tired.
Grooming went well, saddling went well as well but I couldn’t get on the horse! It was really embarrassing since my BF got on it the first time he tried and he had never tried it before xD.

The lesson went okay. I was a bit stiff in the saddle, I need to loosen up more, but that will happen when I ride more.  The best part however was galloping…. I have forgotten how amazing it felt. The rumbling of the horse’s feet on the ground, the dancing of its manes in the wind and I felt so good. It was like flying (I think, I never flown before xD). Just sitting on the horse her back and following here movements… I felt free again after a long time feeling like I was stuck and suffocating.
I really want to ride in the forest again… just sitting on the horse and enjoying the nature…

Though horse riding again was really amazing it made me think and now I am facing a difficult choice:
Open my own business or buy my own horse again.
I can’t do both, since my own business will consume a lot of time, but I really want my little shop, but I really want a horse to. I realized today that in the three “horseless” years, I wasn’t as happy as I was when I  was still riding I felt so happy and free.  It were the best years of my life and the three horseless years have been pretty boring and sucking (of course I did fun stuff aswell!!).
So now I’m facing the difficult choices of what I want more: have a horse and be really happy and free again  (and with that I will probably have a very boring job) or have my own shop and be (hopefully) successful business wise (and have like one day, if I’m lucky, free time to spend with my BF)

Please give me some advice…

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