woensdag 5 januari 2011

Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I’ve update this, so time for a new blog!
In the last entry I was telling that I was a bit lost and that I wanted to try to actually live my life and not worry all the time.
Well I’m starting up my own business, which I’m really happy about. At the moment only the idea is present but I will try everything to make it work.
The idea is to begin a web shop that sells fantasy stuff and stuff related to Scandinavian/Celtic mythology. My dad is supporting me and he is going to try to help me out as much as he can.
Soon we will begin at the business plan and hopefully that will help me to find money to start the shop.

I made myself a few promises for the new year and hopefully I’ll be able to keep them:
-          Start my own business. I’m working at this one now. The only problem is that I need to get some money to be able to buy stock, set up the web shop and stuff.

-          Losing weight. I want to fit in my corset again.
Already at the 5th day of my diet and it’s going pretty well. I’m not eating any kind of candy, not drinking anything except from water and fruit juice. It gets really hard in the evening when I’m not doing anything except watching tv. But I will lose more weight when I start swimming and horse riding again. I hope to go from “L” to “M” at the end of spring.

-          Start horse riding again.  I’ve been postponing this for a while. I really should find a good riding instructor before the end of January so I can buy riding clothes during the sales.

-          Stop worrying so much.

-          Go out more and meet new people. I’m very shy and I have almost no self esteem. It’s really hard for me to start a conversation with a stranger and I really want to change this.

-          Stop trying to meet old friends who don’t make an effort to meet me. I’ve tried a few time to meet one of my old friends, but they never have time or say they’ll contact me when they have time. And then they post on their facebook how fun the evening out was with their other friends.
It makes me feel bad and gives me the feeling that they don’t want to know me anymore or that I did something wrong. I need to stop spending time on them or stop caring about them.  They are back stabbing me and getting rid of the bit self esteem I have left. I need new friends who want to meet me and don’t find lame excuses. But where to start? I’m not a party animal.

-          Try to attend at least 3 Rasmus concerts. I freak when I see them on stage. I’m almost 20 and still I feel like 15 when they get on stage. It’s fun to be a fangirl. Jumping, screaming and trying to get an autograph or a picture of/with them. I try not to melt when they smile at me… but I always fail. It’s a sin.

-          Try to take a break from playing World of Warcarft. I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to do. I want to try a new game, but I know so much people in WoW and it’s hard to leave a 3 year friendship behind, although I don’t really know the persons behind the chars.
Many things to accomplish but I’m going for it. 2010 was an awful year and I want 2011 to be great. I want to live this year like it was my last. I want that this year is mine. 

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