dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Nerd talk: game rant

Lately the only thing I’ve done was: horse riding, gaming and browsing sites to find a job. Damn, my life is so interesting!
So about what can I write a blog? Well gaming it is!

I don't consider myself as a hardcore gamer but neither as a casual gamer, so I think just gamer will do. I really dislike people who think that they are pro at some game while they are not. You are not a pro until you earn money with it. Too many people think that they are pro and those people are in my eyes a bit arrogant.
Pro gaming seems boring to me because than my hobby will turn into a profession and games become competitions. I don't want to play a game and think: I need to be the best so I can make a lot of money out of it. The fun will be gone for me.

I absolutely love rpg's (role playing games) and I'm always trying to find new ones, but I prefer games with good graphics. I do like to play some sim(ultaion) games from time to time or a good adventure or hack & slash game is welcome as well, I complete suck in shooters. I'm way too careful and always afraid to get shot. I prefer to play online because you can interact with the whole world and work together to complete certain tasks.
I love to play games on computer or a handhold console (I have a ds) but I don't often play a console. I costs way too much money, the games are way more expensive and the most games I like are for pc anyway. Of course there are exceptions, but it's stupid to spend a shitload on money to a console just to be able to play a game or two.
No computer is my favorite platform.

What I hate is that the media often give games a bad reputation, especially shooters and mmo's (massive multiplayer online). Al the stupid talk that you can get addicted and that games can influence you and blabla.
I've played games (especially Word of Warcraft) for 12 hours or more a day if I had the time and I had nothing else to do, but that doesn't make me addicted. I had never ever any problems to stop gaming and I never missed it when I couldn't play (unless I was very bored). The only thing some people don't understand is that you play with other people and you plan to do stuff with them. If you plan to go out with your friends and you just don't show up, then won't be happy (unless you are very unloved by those “friends”). Same case ingame. If you don't show up when you said you would, those people will get angry/disappointed to. The worst they can do is ignore you and kick you out of the guild, but it's just a matter of manners to make sure you can show up or let them know you won’t make it.
Now about violent games (most games have violence in them, in some way). How stupid can you be to blame a game when someone killed somebody? If you think the games is real, if you think you can get away with killing people and stuff, there is something wrong in your head (or your education) and not with the games.
I personally think it will be very boring to create a game where you have to dance someone to dead! How stupid can it be? I don't think gamers will like that. Monsters die because you hurt them, because you hex them, curse them, shop them into tiny pieces... not because you do a great dance demonstration.

I'm a complete nerd and I'm proud of it. (damn I'm randomly jumping from one subject to another xD whatever!) I'd rather game then go to a stupid party and get drunk and dance all night on music I don't like. My friends like to party but my idea of going out is going to hang out in some nice pubs or if the weather is good, sit on a nice spot with a bottle of booze.
So my boyfriend and I spend a lot of nights gaming and being all nerdy. I love to collect game related stuff, especially art. But the nice art-books and cool figurines mostly come with the expensive collectors editions of games... muuh me doesn't like that.
I'm a perfectionist in games. Everything must be as I want it to be. I need to have good looking gear and if don't get it, I can be pissed (but that lasts about maximum ten minutes) and when something doesn't work out as I wanted it to or I failed to complete a quest or something, I can get very angry if I'm tired or if I'm in a bad mood until I release I'm erasing the fun out of the game by acting totally stupid about some pixels!
And o how I hate show offs (yup in games there are tons of them... I hate them all). They think they are the best thing around because they have the best stuff, but most of the times these guys are the biggest arrogant bastards with no life (there are exceptions).
Online gaming can be pretty ruff sometimes. People tend to be less friendly because no one knows them and they can hide behind there avatar so if you want to play mmo's, you really need to be able to or ignore those arrogant people or come up for yourself, but that's not so easy when you are walking around in a digital world hehe.

Omg blog is getting long... I'm boring you already way too long.
I would love to know your opinions about gaming!
Do you guys game? What is you're favorite game(genre)/platform?
And what do you think about the fact that games get often a bad reputation in the media?

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