woensdag 23 februari 2011

To write, wrote, written...

I really should start writing again... I have so many ideas in my head, both fanfiction and my own storythingy but everytime I try to start on it, someone blocks. I just can't cant find a good first sentence/paragraph and this is really important since that's the first thing of the book you read anyway.
I'd love to write some English fanfiction but it's so hard because I don't know enough synonyms and I still make grammar mistakes (obviously, since I still make some minor mistakes in dutch as well)
and it reads so hard and boring xD, But there are not so many dutch speaking people interested in good fanfiction (damn... did I just said, between the lines, that my fanfiction is good? Omg I'm getting arrogant!).
For the “book” I want to write I made a map and I have my main plot. Also I was thinking to add some history of the world where it takes place. Just brief, nothing to detailed since I think it's very boring except if it's relevant to the story.
But how do you people like to read it? In an apart section (prologue or something) or during the story itself?

I can't open any of my documents atm because they are all in word format and I don't have word anymore because I formatted my laptop. I need to find my codes again (shouldn't be too difficult) and download it so I can start writing again.

Tips or opinions are very welcome!

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