vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Random rant!

I decide while I have to wait half an hour before I can continue watching stuff on megavideo (stupit 72 minutes limit) to do some random ranting.
To start with is that I’m getting really frustrating. I can’t seem to find a job and I get almost no answers. I’m starting to look for part-time jobs as well but it has to have at least 20 hours else I won’t make enough money to buy/take care of a horse.
Tomorrow I have to go to sbs again (uugh I hate those damn skillbuilders). It’(s so boring and it’s not helping at all. Not for me.
My boyfriend (omg… fiancĂ©e!) and I are both jobless so we are both bored at home For the first few days it’s so much fun but it’s growing very boring now. We sit in our room all day, tiding the room or play games. How excited is that huh?!

Last Sunday I had 2 horse riding lessons. 1 in group and 1 private (normally the private one was from my boyfriend, but he didn’t like horse riding much). The group one was way too easy for me. I don’t want to be arrogant, but I ride way better then the little kids in the beginners group. It’s really funny that they can’t handle their horse/pony. The figures were so easy and instead of just following the others, some kids managed to steer there horse to the complete wrong way.
The private lesson in the evening was so awesome! I was riding Laro, a very good looking brown horse. At first I didn’t liked him much. It just didn’t feel right and I hate the leather saddle… It doesn’t sit so good.
When we started trotting and he was becoming very forward, the fun started. Laro tried to take control, but I made sure he knew that I was leading. During trotting, he gave in and relaxed completely and slowly he came down (don’t know the right term in English, but in Dutch is is called aan de teugel lopen) and it felt so good. The gallop went very smooth as well, but he throws up a lot higher that the horse I used to ride. I needed to change direction due riding a diagonal from k to m (I think it was) in gallop. At x (the middle) I needed to take him back and trot until m and then in the corner of m and c I needed to start galloping again. Big fail! I lost my balance and due that I couldn’t bring Laro in a good gallop. Back to trotting then. It was a difficult exercise, but very fun!
I hope I ride on him again during the next group lesson Sunday and hopefully Ican go to the next group then!

Last part I want to include in this blog is about my favorite musicians soloalbum. The first 30 seconds of his single (Heavy) can be found on youtube. I listen to it and I didn’t know what to think of it. I’m used to him singing and making rockmusic with The Rasmus but this was elctropop.  His voiced sounded very good (duh!) but I don’t know if I like the music… I really need to hear the whole song!
In September the band (The rasmus that is)promised that we would hear more details about their upcoming album in the spring but it seems that it is already postponed to the summer and they plan for the album to be released in the fall… how awful. They better make it worthwhile!

I totally adore this picture! I really want to know who the photographer is...
and I so love his killer eyes.. never saw anyone with prettier eyes.
Handsome Lauri ^^

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