woensdag 26 december 2012

Fan-Idol relationship rant.

I have been thinking about this for a while and decided to make a blog out of it.

Most people look up to a famous person, especially 'young' people. I hope that everyone has the chance to meet their idol/muse/source of inspiration in their life. I have met one of my and it was an amazing experiences and I will treasure it forever.

What I find very strange and creepy is that meeting your idol (just going with this term to make it is easy) turns some people in greedy monsters. It terrifies me!  I always tell me friends that they should shoot me if I start acting like a fan girl in front of my idol. I don't want to make a fool of myself. I know I can be the biggest fan girl in the world (and my friends know that) but I will always compose myself. Some people just attack their idol and demand things from them. You have people who stalk their so called idols or try to get in the tour bus with them. What is wrong with these people? Why do they think that it is normal? Or maybe I am the one who is insane? Hell, I thought asking a hug from my idol would be too fan girlish.

And you also have these fans who treat their idol as some kind of God. Yes, I was a little nervous when I talked to mine, but as soon as he replied the nerves vanished like snow melts in front of the sun (no clue if this is correct English... hmm) . He is just a person like every one else (even though he is a little smaller, more cute,  more special and more birdlike then most people, ooh and I forget to say he has the most beautiful eyes in the entire universe, but he is still just a person like you and me) and I think I will never treat him as someone who is above me. Artists/famous person automatically get placed upon a pedestal and are harder to 'reach' than 'normal' people, depending on how famous they are, but that doesn't mean I have to treat them in a special way. If they want me to treat them like kings, they can go and find some other fan to do that.  I will never kiss the ground they walk on, I will never kiss the things they touched, not will I fight to get the water bottle or towel they used on stage.

What I find very annoying as well is that people want their idols for themselves and refuse to share them. What I mean is talking to them for a long time or take pictures with them numerous times while there are still other fans who didn't had a small chat or a picture with their idol.
Yes, I had my picture taken with my idol twice on the same day and yes I talked to him twice, but that was only because there was time and there were not so many people around. If there were loads of people after the concert, I would not have stayed to have a chat and another picture taken. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who was been taught to have respect and let everyone have a 'turn.' (damn that sounds so wrong in this context).  

It's insane how super famous people have to protected themselves from their fans and the media, but I do understand it. If you see how insane fans can be... Pushing and pushing so they can get a centimetre closer by their idol, crushing the people in front of them. It's almost feels like the artist that is on stage will marry the fan closest to him/her.

I'm so incredible lucky that my idols play in a relative 'unknown' band and can play a small club show on a 20 minutes walk from my door and make time to talk to their fans. Some of my dear friends are not so lucky and have fallen in love with monster bands who play in large venues crowded with desperate fan girls.

I think fans should respect their idols and idols their fans, even though that's easier said than done.  

Now I have a question for my readers: have you ever met your idol in person? And how was it? 

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