zondag 9 december 2012

Rant: feeling a little lost

I feel a bit like ranting. if this bores you, don't read it then!  So here we go!

I always try to find something to look forward to in the near future, but now I'm finding it very difficult. For the last couple of months I counted the weeks and the days until the The Rasmus gig but since that's over I started looking for something else. The problem is that I can't find anything to look forward to! Of course I can't wait 'till I have my bachelor and master(s), or to study/work for a while in a foreign country, but that's still so far away.

Right now In feel I don't have a purpose and it annoyed me. It seems everyone around me knows what they want and they are working hard to make their dreams come true. I don't even have a clue what I want to do when I graduate. I know I still have a long way to go and perhaps I will discover what I want to do along that journey. I just feel as if I'm stuck in a void.

 My dream is to publish a novel and everyone keeps saying that I have to practise writing or just write a damn novel but it requires so much time and dedication. I scarcely have time to write fanfiction, so how can I write complete novel? And what if  I managed to publish a book some time in the future, what would happened than?

I don't feel like making this an extremely long blog and I still have to read 30 pages of Oroonoko, or The Royal Slave by by Aphra Behn (I might even read the whole thing, since the story seems to be really interesting, according to the introduction).

So what are you looking forward to? What are your goals and dreams?

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