zaterdag 15 december 2012


Today the Tour dvd of The Rasmus was officially released (they made it by collecting money using 'pledge' Check out the site if you don't know it!

It was possible to buy various exclusive items of the band so they could reach their pledge. I bought the Live DVD (there were a lot of other cool things, like a poster, shirt, goody bag etc). I received a mail that I could download my remixes today and that The Rasmus would contact me personally concerning the personalization of the DVD. I think that it is very cool but of course I suspect it to be a standerd e-mail they send to every fan who bought something that was going to be personalized.

Well I'm actually writing this blog to say how nice some of the remixes are! There are four songs that are being played on the piano by Aynsley Green and song by Lauri. Nothing else. It's really beautiful and relaxing!

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