zondag 19 juni 2011

Almost Rodeo

Last Friday morning I had (like use all) my lesson horse riding (It's pretty funny that, after about 7 years, I can still learn so much! I love it.) and it was hellish. Amber had spent the whole week doing nothing except eating and walking around in the meadow because I had not much time to go to her and exercise her and it backfired at me completely. I couldn't ride in the arena (piste) because it was too slippery because of the rain and so I had to ride in the meadow. I manage to make it a bit similar to size of the arena thanks to the movable fence, but it was still bigger. I though: great! Now it's not going to be 3 gallop jumps and a turn.

I felt from the beginning that she was very difficult and in a bad mood. She just wouldn't listen to me and I had to pull harder at the reins and punish her for not listening. Eventually, she started to listen and halted when I said so. Time to trot. That was just horrible: she started of slow, but soon she just started to run so fast that I totally lost control and that was my mistake. I tried to do everything my instructor said, but I guess I was a bit too tense to do it right. After a lap of 3 she jumped in a gallop and raced (well, so felt it for me, but I was totally nervous and almost starting to get scared) around the arena and I couldn't bring her back. It was scary but I knew it was my mistake (but she shouldn't have jumped in gallop in the first place). I'm proud that I didn't start pulling at the reins as a maniac but to stop her, I had to turn her in a very small circle and I fell almost of her... but I have a better sit then I thought and I stayed on.

My teacher had ridden her a bit after that (at my request 'cause I just had to get off for a moment) and then it was my turn again. When she was speeding again, I just had to take a few deep breaths so I was calm enough to take her back using just my weight. The gallop was at one side not much better but at the (I think right side) it went pretty good. I was relax and I could hold her with me pretty good.

All by all a hard and tiring lesson, but I have learned a lot.

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