maandag 6 juni 2011

My "dream" jobs...

Lately I've been thinking what I really want to do in life to own money, 'cause you can't live without it. (Well you can, but it's a really hard life then).

The thing I really want to do in life is work with animals, preferably horses. But the horse business is really hard because you have to be really good at what you.  do and don't be "average" since it's a very popular business.
I would love to become a horse riding teacher, but I don't know if I can teach and I don't ride well enough yet. Another part of me wants to become a "horse whisperer" like it's called. A better name would be horse listener.
I think I'l pretty good with horses and I really try to understand their behavior and how they think. If i want to become a horse whisperer, I really need to become better in it and follow lessons and stuff.

I also have an interest to do more with my photography. I know if i work on it, I could get a lot better then I now am, but the hardest part is to be better then the average photographer. And, like with the horses business, this is a very popular business as well. But before I can even think of becoming, or trying, to get pro, I really need a better camera, preferably a middle format camera. I have two photographers I really look up to, because I love their style and would like to become as good as they are and that are: Viona Ielegems and Tim Flanch.

One thing i know for sure:

Now I am looking for a part time job in whatever and I want to do something with my Business Management degree and my limited knowledge of bookkeeping (?).

But I don't think I want to have my own business as my only source of income, because that is way to risky.

Maybe a tip for all of you: if you're planning to open your own business, always marry with a contract so when you have debts you can't pay, then can only your stuff be taken to pay the debts.

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