dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Wizards vs. Vampires

With this, I mean Twilight versus Harry Potter and, thought I like both, I know that Harry Potter is much much better. Why? Well J.K Rowling wrote 7 book and in all books (except the last) are so much clues, metaphors and hints to the next book or to the final book. The story also has a lot more depth.

Twilight is a really nice series about "forbidden love" but besides that, it doesn't go about much else and I'm sure there are a lot of books about forbidden love (for example, the Fallen saga).

Harry Potter is also a lot more popular. There are tons of site about Harry Potter, whole wiki's for Harry Potter. The community is just gigantic. And Harry Potter is British and Twilight is American, says enough already.

I was a bit angry that Twilight was copying Harry Potter 7 and split the last book in two movies, while I think they can fit everything in one movie which they couldn't do with Harry Potter.

If I had to chose what I would be, I would, without even doubting, be a wizard. They are so much cooler and interesting.  They can do cool and awesome jobs, they have dragons (woooh!) and they don't live for era's.

Hogwarts, here I come!

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