donderdag 16 juni 2011

Human & Animal: photography part 1

I decided to post some old work of mine, and discus it a bit.

(click on it to make it bigger and remember blogger down the quality a lot)
Note: this is not photoshopped! 

What I like about this picture: the composition, the place where the picture is the sharpest and the light.

The composition: there is a good balance in the shot: the cat is in the middle and at the rights side. I decided to put the hand at the left side so it wouldn't be empty. The colors are also nicely balanced. Very sober.

Sharpness:  I like it that the piece of pants and that most the cat (especially the nose) are sharp. I did this on purpose so the stands out. It's the most important part of the picture. The person (in this picture just "decor") is on the background.

Light: I think the light is pretty okay. There aren't any disturbing shadows and the cat isn't one black mass. You can see (except on some parts of his face) every hair, which is to me, very important.

Dislike: What is dislike on this picture is that the hand isn't very pretty. If the fingers were a little bit more open, it would have been better. Another thing I should have done was include the whole ruffle of his sleeve. Also the light is pretty cold and their is a lot of dust and hairs were there shouldn't be. But this is a photoshop work and since I don't have photoshop right now, I'm unable to do it.

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