zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Little bit emotional

Today I went to Brussels to shop and I had a great time! I bought a Hogwarts student outfit and a official Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie and I got the English books in a pretty box!

But I must admit I'm getting pretty emotional now... I cried this afternoon and now, while listening some MoM songs, is started to cry again... just realizing it's all ending in 3 days. My fiance doesn't understand it but Harry Potter means the world to me and it's so hard.
Except my family, it was like the only constant thing in my life for a long time and I spent hours and hours speculating about it, holding silly conversations about Harry Potter....

I have the feeling that I have to go and say goodbye to a friend in a few days, one that has been very dear to me and one that never will return again. It's like a piece of me is slowly dying and it fucking hurts.

I know almost everyone has a hero, someone they look up to. And I have one as well: J.K Rowling.

Rowling is our Queen.

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