zaterdag 23 juli 2011


Today I saw on the news what happened in Norway and I was so shocked. Such things always shock me. It are always the innocent that suffer. I really hate murders. I can't imagine the fear and pain the victims must have felt and how terrified the family and friends must have been. I hate it when a thing like this happens, shallow people are posting and shouting "everyday people die, why bother now?".

Those people didn't die, they got murdered. They weren't evolved in an accident, they got killed for someone's pleasure. If we all should care about ever dead in the world, every injustice, every suffering, we would be so sad and ours hearts black of sorrow. We are only human, we can't care about everything that is happening in the world, it isn't healthy.

I hope this Kinslayer will suffer until the end of time.

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