dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Respect for the postman? Not...

Well normally I have a lot of respect for the people who make sure we get our mail, even though it rains, snows or if it's really hot but today something happened that made me very angry with them.

I was expecting a packages (well, 4 to be correct) from The Book Depository  and when I woke up this morning, one package had arrived! I was so happy, but when my mother came home and told me how she found it... I was furious.

The postman had just dumped my book on the doorstep (I live in a flat, on a really busy street) because it didn't fit in the mailbox. Lucky my mother had to go out early and found it... The postman didn't even bother to ring the bell to see anyone was home so he just dumped it there and it could have been stolen and what then? I know that if I mailed the site that my book(s) didn't arrived, they would probably send them again without asking payment, but still, why was the postman so lazy? He shouldn't dropped it there... the least he could to was ring the bell or take it back to the post office. My mother is always up early and she promised me to go and check tomorrow morning if my other books are "dumped" on the door steps as well... If so, I'm going to complain. The books were not expensive, but still.

People are so lazy nowadays, I hate it.

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