maandag 4 april 2011

100 days to go...

Today is just 100 more days until 13 July. 100 days until it all ends....
100 days until the magic of J.K Rowlings masterpiece dies.

I think it will be very weird that there won't be any Harry Potter related stuff to wait for. It's been 10 years full of Harry Potter magic for me. That's half my life that was filled with it.
I can still remember that day that I've read the very last sentence of the very last page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I cried. I cried because I hated the ending, I cried because it was over.
I've been a big fan for years now. I even still have patches from the first movie! Their 10 years old!


The clip below is a tribute to one of my favorites chapters and characters. The songs fits him perfectly, like it was written for him. R.I.P S.S

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