vrijdag 29 april 2011


We'll I'm slacking on blogging lately...

I'm just so tired at the moment, in a mental way. I really have the feeling that my life is a routine now and I don't like that.  Weeks are flying by and I notice it barely. The only thing I'm looking forward to these days are Fridays. Why? Because then I have my horse riding lesson. It's really fun to learn new stuff and try to work more together with "my" pony.

Lately I'm jealous quickly, but I don't know why...  perhaps because I think my life is boring at the moment? I have no clue... I can't find any music to cheer me up and normally I would have gone with "my" pony to the forest tomorrow, but since she is stiff in her right upper leg, it won't happen. I know if I'll go to the forest with her, she will want to gallop, but that would burden her leg too much.

I think I need to get some changes in my life... but I don't know what I can change right now.

(and damn, what a post to be the 100th)

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