donderdag 14 april 2011

Within Temptation - The Unforgiving

I decided to put down my thought and opinion about the new album of Within Temptation: The Unforgiving.
I'm not going to review since this album is a concept album based on a comic and I haven't read the comic yet.

1. Why Not Me?

I really like the intro. It's very mysterious. The voice and the music seems to fit really good together.

2. Shot in the Dark

I love the beginning of the song! It sounds like music from a game or film. I really like Sharon her voice although I prefer higher womens voices. The song is pretty catchy because of the rhythm and the easy words.  The bridge is okay, but nothing to special. I do like the guitar solo, but I almost like very guitar solo on the album :)

3. In the Middle of the Night

I love the music of the song so much! It has a small symphonic touch to it and I like that. The chorus is a bit too catchy for me, but the music makes it good. Sharon sings very low in this song and it sounds good.

4. Faster

I think this is the song on the album I like the least. It's a bit boring and sounds so much as Wicked Games by H.I.M (but I believe they covered it). What I like about the song is the sound of the keyboard in the chorus.
The rhythm is okay, but again too catchy.

5. Fire and Ice

I love this song! The intro sounds a bit dark, but beautiful. Than you hear the piano and Sharon voices. In the background you hear an orchestra. After the chorus  the drums and guitars can be heard. It makes it a little bit more "heavy" but it still stays a ballad. Well the vocals are low again, but hey, she sings really well! I think this is, for now, my favorite song. I really love the lyrics!
The end is really nice. Just a piano and Sharon singing the sentence where she started the song with.

6. Iron

This is a really up tempo song. It gives me a good feeling! It makes me want to stand up and move! I love the part where she sings "Oh damn!...." and I love the chorus!The guitar solo is AWESOME!  I don't have much to say about this song, but I really like it!

7. Where is the Edge

I've heard this song before and I didn't liked it but now I like it! In the beginning Sharon sings "Oeoehoehoe" pretty high! The song has an electric undertone, but it fits.  I like the tempo, it's not slow nor fast. This song makes me wonder if Within Temptation will ever make a instrumental album. I really like Sharon's voice, but I even like the music better!

8. Sinéad

It starts very classical and Sharon sings at a neutral tone. I really like the drums in this song. At the chorus we get the guitars and a catchy tempo and her voice goes down. The song is pretty good, but to my opinion it would be a bit better if the chorus was less catchy. I like it that she sings a bit higher her and there in the song, because that's something I really miss in this album.

9. Lost

This a ballad again, with acoustic guitars and orchestra. I love the chorus so much! I really like the part where she sings "Help me I'm buried alive!" It gives me goosebumps. This is a song that would have fit on The Heart of Everything as well. I really like it! Well I like all the ballads! But if you like Within Temptation you really should check this song out!

10. Murder

This songs sounds very familiar but I have no clue why. I only like the chorus of the song.

11. A Demon's Fate

Starts very electrical with a touch of classical music. I really like it! A lot of orchestra in this song! The music is awesome! In the bridge she sings pretty high. I really love the "Ohoo ohooo" in the background between pieces of lyrics. Again an awesome guitar solo!

12. Stairway to the Skies 

I love this song. I love the rhythm so much. It has a very nice tempo although it's a ballad. Vocal wise I think this is, in my eyes, the best song of the album. This is a song I would love to hear live, but the concert in Brussels is sold out for quite a while and it's postponed till Autumn.
I really enjoy this song so much that I forgive them that they made a lot of catchy songs.

If I had to rate this album I would give them a 6/10 I think...

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