donderdag 7 april 2011

Tim Flach: Animals at their best

It's been a while since I've posted about photography and I just found out the name of a photographer I had forgotten. I discovered about two or three years ago when I looked into his book Equus at the "Boekenbeurs" The book was way to expensive for me (about  50 euro's) but I never saw such beautiful and artistic photographs of animals before. I wrote down his name but lost the paper. Today I finally came across the book again on the internet and I want to buy all of his books starting with Equus.

I have tons and tons of respect for good animal photographers because you need to have so much patience to work with those animals and it is really difficult to get the result that you have in mind. You have to be ready to take a picture at all times because it about capturing the right moment.

Just look at this amazing picture of the dog. It doesn't even looks like a dog like this! The black against the white works so good! I love the lighting! There is only a bit shadow at the right side of the dogs "fur".
The teeth and nose caught my attention very fast. It's a small but very important detail. The eyes are hard to see, but they are there!

I'm in love with this picture. The pony you see on this picture is a Haflinger and the roots of this breed lie in Austria. I love it how the color of the pony is in contrast with the white, grey and pale blue of the background. The pony only takes in a very small part of the picture and the surroundings dominated it. Because it is at the front, the accent lies on the pony.
This is a picture I want to have on my wall in a really big size. I just love it so much!

Here we have Islander ponies. Again this is a portrait of a horse in his natural environment. The ponies are relaxed because they are cuddling. The clouds begin at a 3th of the picture The rule of the golden mean (that what google made of Gulden snede). The ponies are in the front and because of that the stress is lied on them.
Again you have the color contrast which makes it peaceful and relaxing. 

Below you find some more pictures without my boring commentary


All above pictures are made by Tim Flach. I don't have any rights on them. 

Some videos I've found about his pictures:

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