dinsdag 5 april 2011

Sentences on sheets of paper: I've wrote a book!

Recently it came to my attention that a lot of young people (people from around my age that is) have very high ambitions. But I have the impression that some people think that it will all go by it selfs, that there skills are already high enough to fulfill their ambitions.

In my opinion a lot of young people are a bit naive. Why do I have this opinion? Because of the stuff I read around the internet.

It seems that a lot of people want to publish a book. I want to write a book someday and it will be awesome that it will be published, but I doubt it. I don't think I write well enough for that.
But some people think that they can write good enough to be able to publish a book.
Everyone can write a book. But not everyone can write a good book. You need to have enough knowledge from the language you're writing in so you won't make style mistakes, you use enough synonyms and that you can describes stuff without making it boring. If you can do that, you really should be able to make a good story: a interesting plot, credible characters (not mary sue types) and be able to hold on a good tempo through your whole story.

Ever since I started to read the Harry Potter series, I wanted to write and perhaps publish a book if I become good enough. I started to write a massive amount of fanfiction and posted it on forums so I had some feedback. I improved so much by just doing that and following the advice I have gotten. 
At the moment, I am trying to write some kind of story, made up by me with non excising characters, and I must say that it is a very hard thing to do. Especially creating an interesting plot that is original (okay, everything has been done before, but I don't want a copy of a book that already exists or some books mixed together.)

Also I am thinking to write some more before I start on my "book" and post it around the internet. Perhaps here... But it will be in dutch then because my English isn't good enough to write in. I might post a translation as well, but that will probably be horrible!

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  1. *thumbs up*
    I'm going to be original
    I want to publish a graphic novel written by me ! xD (a)

    but you're right, as I said before, modesty is nowhere to be found these days.
    only thinking of yourself that you're good enough to become published is quite arrogant I think.
    (and in my opinion that also counts for writers who already published books)